New Film Page Added.

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SONY DSCHello My little pets,

The sun is shining and Mistress is feeling extremely kind and benevolent towards her little subs, sissy’s and slaves!

As a special treat a new page has been added to the website with links to my films – I know you like to see more of Mistress!

The page includes sample clips and information on how to purchase the full films through my site.

More films are available from the members site featuring  Double-Domme sessions – the latest film stars myself and Mistress Linda with two of our gorgeous sluts Samantha and Jessica. The girls get spit-roasted, double-fucked, joined by a giant dildo and are made to bounce on our special dildo pole!

Don’t forget, you can also access my FREE teaser film on the gallery page or by clicking here


Treble Delight by No.47

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Mistress Kendra and No.47
No.47 sent this little testimonial of our recent session – It amused me so I thought I would share it with you all. No.47 believes he has experienced my largest strap-on – that’s not true slave……as you will find out next time!


Thank you for my latest visit to you Mistress Kendra, it was a “Treble Delight”.

I have been to see Mistress Kendra several times now, but this last visit was the best yet, in the past Mistress Kendra has introduced me to her “Strap-On” and I have enjoyed being “stretched” with some of her many “toys” but I have never been able to take her largest “Strap-On”.

Well on this visit I had a “Treble Fucking” (sorry for the coarse term, no doubt I will pay for it on my next visit).

Mistress Kendra started by punishing me with her 5 finger Tawse for not doing as I was told whilst she was getting ready, I was bent over and given a sound tawseing and told to stay in that position whilst she put on a pair of latex gloves.
Mistress Kendra then proceeded to insert one finger, and then two and then three into my “arse” (sorry again for the coarse term), this was the first time she had managed to get three fingers into my normally “tight hole” and I was feeling the pressure!

Mistress Kendra had now decided I was ready so I was told to turn over lie back and then my legs were hoisted high, I was now very vulnerable. I was told to close my eyes and then Mistress started with her newest toy, it vibrates, and it is amazing and after a couple of minutes I wanted to come, but Mistress ordered me hold on as she was nowhere near finished with me.

Mistress left her new toy in my arse whilst she put on her “Large Strap-On”, Mistress then removed her new toy and entered me with her Strap-On. What A “Fuck”! (Oh dear more naughty words) she gave me!  Again I wanted to come, but again Mistress said no!

She carried on fucking me for what seemed ages, before telling me she was going to stretch me even more.

Mistress put on her “Extra Large Strap-On”, well I have never been able to take this one, but Mistress lubed me up well, and in it went, and what a fuck Mistress had, it went on and on, again I asked if I could come but before Mistress could answer I exploded!

Mistress carried on fucking me and I came a second time, and still Mistress Kendra still carried on, and I exploded again, “A Treble Orgasm”, I was in heaven and shaking all over. What a “Fuck” that was……..Amazing!

So again a great thanks Mistress, I will be back again soon, and I know that you will again “Stretch my limits” and I have no doubt I will be sent to “heaven” again.

You get my vote as the “Best Strap-On Mistress” in the land.

Free Teaser Film Clip…

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Hello to all my little pets – I hope you are enjoying my fabulous new website!

As a little treat for all my loyal slaves and sluts I’ve uploaded a Free Teaser Film Clip for you to enjoy.

Simply go to the gallery section and select video or click here

For more film clips you may visit my Double Domme site

My New Email Address

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If you wish to contact me by email, please use my new email address, which is

Sessions with Me

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I am a sensual, strict and sadistic Dominatrix of the highest order and I welcome you to my world of exquisite Domination. You will find me to be an elite, extraordinary Mistress who thoroughly enjoys the dark art of Female Superiority.

I am a naturally dominant woman with fiery beauty, who is also intelligent, articulate, feisty and has a very wicked sense of humour. My confidence is boundless and my scathing wit can easily instil fear into the unworthy. I have a fierce desire to control, correct and punish and my desires will be met with complete submission – I demand respect.

To book a session with me, click here

New Galleries Added

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My website now has galleries pertaining to different subjects so you can find the kind of photos that interest you

To see what you can expect in a session with me, click here

Re-designed Website

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My website has been offline for a couple of days while it was moved to a new host and re-designed. I hope you like it.

I now have several galleries, and these will be added to at every opportunity.

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