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Hello my little pets,

Well it’s been a busy Easter here at Doom Towers – Thanks to my lovely subbies for the chocolates and a very special thanks for the chocolate vodka … My two favourite things … you know me so well!

There have been lots of brave subs taking their first journey into the BDSM world – I’m happy to introduce you to my devilish delights … I always enjoy corrupting a novice … evil grin


I had a fantastic session with a new sissymaid Charlotte – I have never seen anyone more scared in my life – this girlie was absolutely terrified and although I’d promised her it would be fun … I don’t think she believed me!


I was so pleased to receive a wonderful review the very next day – it made me smile …

Charlotte wanted a few pics to remember her session (and how cute she looked) so once dressed we had a little photo shoot – Check out my Sissy Gallery for the new pics here 


A big kiss to Charlotte for the lovely review and letting me use her gorgeous pics – Could she be any prettier?

Wish it was you? Email your interests to

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Watch this space as I have some very exciting news to announce …

Stay kinky my cherubs and see you soon

Mistress Kendra x

I recently contacted Mistress Kendra with a view to booking a session with her. From the very first emails and initial phone call it was apparent that this was quite a special lady. She put me at ease instantly, her contageous laugh and calming voice melting any nerves away. I knew I had made the right choice to contact her.

So to the day of the session and the nerves were back with avengence…. a long drive not helping matters! I called when I was close and found the address easily, with some simple directions from Mistress Kendra.
A warm welcome awaited after ringing the bell by a beautiful woman with with the most awesome fiery hair!
Once we had chatted over a cuppa about my previous experience and thoughts about the session, she left to change into Mistress mode.

I was then treated to a wonderful 2 hours in the hands of a gorgeous Mistress who truly enjoys what she does.        She made me look sooo cute, dressed me in a pretty satin maids dress and expertly guided me through some of the other interests I had mentioned to her.
Never have I met a Mistress so attentive to their submissive, I think she knows them better than they know themselves!
I have to confess that that I wimped out at one point…maybe two…. and Mistress Kendra knew!…. I think I was let off for looking so sweet and innocent… Hopefully not next time… haha!

I wish I had not been so nervous! There was no need, Mistress Kendra is a pleasure to be around. She will explore your deepest fantasies, but might just exploit them too.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience, I can’t wait to visit again. You’re awesome!

Charlotte xx


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Hello my little pets,

It’s all change here at Doom Towers …. 

I decided to go back to my natural (cough) colour and I how have fantastic, fiery hair to match my feisty, fabulous temperament …  The ginger bitch is back!!



I now have to completely re-shoot all my photo’s and Sarah Bright is working her satin panties off to get new pics… poor little sweetie, it’s a hard life …. Check out my stunning new pics in the Gallery pages …

I’ve also just acquired 2 fabulous SBR heavy rubber macs … as modeled here by Sarah … that bloody girl get’s everywhere!

It seems lots of you have decided to check out my BDSM world and I’ve had quite a few new subs visiting me … most are experienced players but I wanted to say “Well Done” to the novices who have taken the plunge and finally braved their first session … I know how scary that can be … I promised it would be fun … Mistress does not lie! 😉

Below is a review from a first session with an experienced sub – It was a fabulous session and we’ve already had Round 2 … this fantastic gentleman is welcome back anytime … kettles on!

Feeling Brave? Want Mistress to pop your cherry? Why not get started on your BDSM journey? Talk to me!

Email your session interests to 

For all the latest news, pics and sarcasm follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

Stay kinky my cherubs and I’ll see you very soon – there is a rumour I may be touring down south soon – watch this space for more details …. shush!

Mistress Kendra x


Today was my first visit to Mistress Kendra and it proved to be one of the most enjoyable introductory sessions I have experienced.

We began quietly. A short spell in the “Box of Doom” was followed by some naughty teasing and gentle punishment accompanied by lots of laughter.
Then the tempo was stepped up and I was quickly, bound, gagged, blindfolded, hooded and plugged, I was driven to distraction by this fiendishly wicked Lady.
The session ended with some much appreciated quiet moments to allow me to come down to earth again.
It was a happy but shattered slave who retuned to the vanilla world!

First sessions are never easy but I thought that Mistress judged this one perfectly. I felt comfortable in her presence from the start, very much enjoyed everything we did and was certainly left wanting more.
Mistress didn’t storm and shout but was nonetheless very much in charge, she is someone I feel who will always respect a slave’s limits but will push them too.

I am already looking forward to my next visit which I hope will include an introduction to Mistress’s new plastic sleepsack.




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Hello my little pets,

As many of you know the start to 2018 was a disaster … I caught the dreaded flu bug and was wiped out for 16 days … Thankfully I’m back, fighting fit and ready to hurt you so good … 😉  Thanks to my lovely subs for their concern and the fabulous gifts to cheer me up … you’re so well trained!



I did manage to have a little fun in January and below is a review from a new rubberdoll slut I’ve added to my collection – we had a fantastic first session and I’m looking forward to many more … unfortunately we were so busy I didn’t take any pics … next time sugar!

Don’t forget to treat your Mistress on Valentines Day … My Valentines Wishlist is now live … WISHLIST


Forget the chocolates and flowers … For the romantics among you I’ve chosen sweet gifts like an electric plunging sounds, prostate dildo and electro shank … and for the kinksters … rubber knickers (of course) … !


A little shoutout to the lovely TVDanielle – we also had a fab first session (after many hiccups) and got some great pics too – thanks gorgeous girlie and hope to see you soon!

Check out all my new pics on the gallery pages GALLERY

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Stay kinky and healthy my cherubs and we’ll speak soon.

Mistress Kendra x




I had previously visited a couple of professional Domme’s before, now I wanted to live out my fantasy to be turned into a complete rubber slut and boy was I in for a wonderful evening.

After sitting down with Mistress Kendra and having a lovely chat about what I wanted to experience she got to work on my transformation.
When she had finished she took me to look in the full length mirror and I was stunned at my reflection, head to toe in rubber, complete with doll mask and thigh boots, she really had turned me into a rubber slut.

I was now Mistress Kendra’s toy to play with and once she had me tightly restrained she did excactly that, making good use of both my cock with some electrics and then introducing some of her wonderful strapons to my ass which was fantastic.
I can’t wait for my next rubber visit and hopefully some more new experiences and photos.

Thank you Mistress Kendra

Your new rubber slut xx



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Hello my little pets,

It’s time for my traditional NYE blog – thankfully this year I’m sober as the Baileys has finally run out!

I hope you all had a fantastic festive season and I must say a big Thank You to all my lovely subs for my xmas gifts – I must give a special mention to Dirty Dinah for my Vac Pump – you little sweetie I love it!


I recently did an interview with X-Dresser magazine about my love of tying up T-Girls and I was lucky enough to get on the front cover! WooHoo! Give the lovely people at @XDPUBLICATIONS a follow for more great mags.

You can buy your copy at

I must say a huge Thank You to my gorgeous T-Girl Claire CJ Jones for being my “Damsel in Distress” You were amazing and I can’t wait for next years kinkfest!

Check out my Gallery pages for new pic’s from this stunning photo shoot.





To my bestie Miss Sarah Bright … what can I say? … You stick with me through all the crazy, take fabulous pics/vids, construct kinky furniture, keep me sane, hatch evil plans, bitch about the world and are always there when I need you … Love ya girlie!









2017 has been a wild ride and I’d like to wish all my wonderful subs, sissies, T-Girls, rubberdolls, followers, friends and general kinky weirdo’s a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

To get yourself on the end of my strapon in 2018 – Email

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Stay kinky my cherubs and Slappy New Year !!!

Mistress Kendra x



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Hello my little pets and seasons beatings to you all,

The Christmas gifts are already arriving – thanks to everyone – so I thought I’d remind you late comers to treat your Mistress this year – My Xmas Wishlist is available here – Happy Shopping! WISHLIST

As a little treat I’ve just added new photo’s to my gallery pages … Enjoy the perv!

Below is a lovely review from my gorgeous rubberdoll slut Dirty Dinah and her first experience in my Room of Doom – she’s been with me quite a few years and has become part of the family – she also has the honour of being my new equipment tester … something she both loves and hates … in unequal measures … especially the crop or nipple clamps … evil grin.

As usual all new photo’s are by the lovely Sarah Bright – kisses to you sugar!

Enjoy the review, have a great Xmas and a very kinky 2018

To book a session email your interests and experience to

For all the latest news, gossip, pics and sarcasm follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

Stay kinky my cherubs

Mistress Kendra x









The Room of Doom

I have been visiting Mistress Kendra for a fair few years now, which in itself says alot as I was a bit of a Mistress butterfly before and now don’t feel any need to go elsewhere, over these years we have developed who I am now, which is a rubberdoll bondage slut.

Over the last few months a new playroom has been in the making which has been christened the ROOM OF DOOM. Its a bit dark and purple with mirrors and lit by lots of leds. purple of course.

On arrival for session and after our customary cuppa of yorkshire tea I donned my rubberdoll outfit and morphed into Dirty Dinah the rubberdoll slut and was ordered up to the ROOM OF DOOM for a first visit there.

Immediatly I was told to sit on the Stool of Doom superbly crafted by Sarah Bright. I was quickly shackled with wrist and ankle cuffs, chained to the stool and then a heavy steel collar was shackled around my neck, I wasn’t going anywhere, didn’t really want to with the beautiful Mistress Kendra dressed in stunning purple corset teasing me and my growing manhood, which included a few slaps of her crop to calm me down (she knows I hate that).







I spent a little quiet time in the clear plastic sleepsack, roped to the bed until Mistress Kendra decided to liven me up with not one but two milking machines!







Then onto the bed of doom, ankles and wrists shackled again looking at myself in the overbed mirror, my god I thought I looked great. While staring up I never saw Mistress Kendra donning her favorite black strapon until she climbed on my chest straddling me and started to push it down into my throat making me suck on it and get it wet for her.
I was in heaven, looking at Dinah in the mirror, straddled by the vision of the just gorgeous Mistress Kendra face fucking me.




After the warm up I was repositioned with legs hoisted in the air for what Mistress Kendra does best, perveyor of the perfect strapon fuck, whilst vibro massaging Dinah’s cock, while watching all this happen in the overbed mirror. My whole body was shaking after.

A perfect end to the perfect session by one of the countries top Dommes. Dinah likes the room of doom!. It won’t be long before I’m back for more. I won’t rest until I am Mistress Kendra’s perfect bitch, so I will be visiting for quite a few more years yet I believe.

Dirty Dinah xxx


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Hello my little pets,

It’s been a busy few weeks here at my Bradford chambers – I’ve played with some wonderful new subs, had a couple of kinky photo shoots, completed an interview for a fetish magazine and finally got to road test my new “Room of Doom”….. So much fun and so little time!

Thankfully, the new room is magnificent and all the feedback has been amazingly positive – thanks to everyone who has helped the creation in some way … especially Ms Sarah Bright … all the hard work was worth it!

I’ve updated my Chambers page with lots of new photo’s and information and more session pics can be found on my Gallery pages …

The Room of Doom

An intimate neon fantasy space perfect for sensory deprivation with a Restraint Bed, Bondage Chair, Rubber Sleepsack, Clear PVC Sleepsack, Inflatable Rubber Hood, PVC Straight Jacket, Gas Masks, Rubber Arm Binder, Electric Prostate Massager, Electric Ball Crusher, Steel Cock Board, Inflatable Gags, Inflatable Butt-Plugs and a fabulous ceiling mirror so you can watch yourself being exquisitely tortured or deliciously teased.


Watch this space as I have lots of exciting news coming up … all will be revealed very soon!

To book your session email your interests and experience to

For all the latest gossip and sarcasm follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

Stay kinky my cherubs and see you soon

Mistress Kendra x

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