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Hello my little pets,

As you all know, my favourite activity is breaking in an anal virgin … there is nothing better than parting your quivering little buttocks, gently lubing your delicate rosebud, fully preparing you with fingers, butt-plugs, prostate massagers, vibrators, dildos and electric probes … any then finally popping that anal cherry with my big strap-on cock … I adore seeing the amazement in your eyes as something you thought would be painful is actually the most delicious experience you’ve ever had …

One lucky sub just had this experience – read his review below – this was his first visit to a Dominatrix and it’s something he will never forget!


Don’t be scared by my huge tools – I have a vast strap-on collection with all shapes and sizes available – just put yourself into my safe hands and have the experience of a lifetime!

To book a session email your interests to

For all the latest news, gossip and pics follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

Stay kinky my cherubs and I’ll see you soon

Mistress Kendra x


Having hidden my desires to visit a professional dominatrix for many years I was understandably in a nervous state as I drove up the M1 for my appointment! I had done my research and chosen Mistress Kendra, but would I be willing and able to go through with it? My heart was pounding as I got out of the car, my knees shaking as I crossed the road, walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

Moments later I was sitting drinking coffee with a beautiful lady who was listening to my deepest desires and joking about how best to deal with me.
I was left to prepare myself and when Mistress returned she took my breath away!
I was collard, tied by the arms from the ceiling and whilst being gently whipped I was reminded to keep control of my worthless piece of meat. I was then treated to an amazing display of nipple torture which I am still fondly thinking about.

Mistress then admired my latex shorts and proceeded to tie me to a bench and then spank me with a crop and a paddle. Absolutley amazing. Mistress then decided that I needed to remove my shorts and then tied me totally naked and feeling increasingly vulnerable to an examination table.
Masked and blindfolded I had no idea what was about to happen next. The electric implement; which I still haven’t seen, was attached and sent a series of pleasurable shocks along my penis. I was pleased that I withstood the pain from the shocks better than the sting of Mistresses crop!

Mistress then returned me to the strapon bench and gently prepared me for the highlight of my visit, my first ever strap-on experience!
The skill in which she penetrated me with her black strap on will live with me forever and was so much more than I had ever dreamed of.
As a newbie, visiting a dominatrix for the first time I was totally amazed at the treatment I received. My senses were drained by the end but I, and my mind, was in a state of total ecstasy. Mistress understood completely the levels required of me to make the session successful and to put me at ease throughout.

I have now fully committed myself to Mistress Kendra and feel incredibly fortunate to have discovered her and I cannot wait to visit her again.

Sub T



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Hello my little pets,

Have you missed me? Well it has been a busy few weeks since my last blog with all kinds of kinky shenanigans happening!

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for my fabulous birthday gifts – I’ve some great new additions to my toys with an electric ball crusher, electric shock cock sock (try saying that after a sherry!), bondage bed, cuffs, bondage chair and a new rubber sleepsack …. what more could a full on kinkster wish for? … and not forgetting quite a few bottles of rather exquisite vodka … you know me so well!

I had a fantastic visit from the lovely Mistress Sylvia Wolf of Glasgow – it was fabulous to finally meet up and we had a crazy weekend of drinking, debauchery and some wonderful Double Domme sessions – I certainly won’t forget her visit in a hurry! … must also say a big thank you for the amazing MC Campbell tawse … I will wield it with pride Mistress xxx



As some of you know, I have been threatening to expand my chambers and I can finally reveal that “The Room of Doom” has now been unveiled in all it’s neon glory! A huge thanks must go to my bestie Miss Sarah Bright for all her hard work in creating this fantastic new space … although she did go bitch crazy with the LED’s I’ve got to admit it works beautifully and is incredibly atmospheric … clever girl xxx 

I threw a party to celebrate my birthday and to road test the room – thanks to everyone for coming and as you can see from the pics a wild, kinky time was had by all … check out my gallery pages for more new photo’s!

For all the latest news, gossip, sarcasm and pics follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres I must say thanks to my followers as I’ve just hit 21K … kisses to you all and I’ll be posting new clips soon!

To experience a session in my “Room of Doooooom” email your interests to

Stay kinky my cherubs and I’ll see you soon

Mistress Kendra x



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Hello my little pets,

Mistress has been having so much fun recently – I even managed to squeeze in a little holiday in the sun – but now I’m back, refreshed and ready to put some evil plans into action!


Just before my hols I was lucky enough to get the lovely Miss Claire Jones into my lair and we had lots of breath play rubbery fun – this is my favourite pic of the day – all pics taken by my gorgeous girl Miss Sarah Bright.

I’ve also received a couple of early birthday gifts – a fantastic pvc straight jacket from the wonderful range at Misfitz and for the brave among you a stunning inflatable hood – I know some of you will be very excited to try these out … kinky sods!





Talking of Birthdays … yes my dears it’s that time of the year again – Mistress Kendra’s Birthday Wishlist is now live – you have until the 5th August to impress me with your gifts, gain my attention or show just how devoted you are to your Mistress. There are some very exciting gifts on here – the electric ball crusher sounds like hours of fun to me and plunging pete is well worth a look lol

I must also say a big Thank You to my bestie Sarah Bright for making me a “Ball Crusher of Doom” with her own fair hands … I absolutely love it even if it does look rather scary! 


Remember to book your place for Double Domme Destruction Day – Saturday 19th August – with the fantastic Mistress Sylvia Wolf of Glasgow – that is one experience you will never forget and places are limited!

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To make a booking email your session ideas and interests to

Stay kinky my cherubs and I’ll see you very soon

Mistress Kendra x



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Hello my little pets,

I am pleased to announce that the wonderful Mistress Sylvia Wolf will be leaving her Glasgow lair and visiting my Bradford Chambers this August – this fantastic lady will be taking bookings for individual sessions and we will be having a very special “DOUBLE DOMME DESTRUCTION DAY” this is a rare opportunity to experience a mind blowing session with two of the UK’s most elite and experienced Mistresses …. but be warned …. this 6ft glamazon takes no prisoners and only the brave should apply … Places are limited so make sure you book NOW!! 

For those of you who don’t know Mistress Wolf (where have you been?) you can visit her website by clicking the banner below and follow her on Twitter @Mistresswolf1 


Mistress Sylvia Wolf is a Post Operative Transsexual Professional and Lifestyle Mistress who stands an imposing 6 foot tall in the Stiletto Heels she always wears whether dressed from head to toe in her favourite black Leather Uniforms and Thigh Length Leather Boots or Power Dressed in suits and heels.










With 15 years experience in the BDSM/Fetish lifestyle, Mistress Wolf enjoys a variety of fetishes including CP, BDSM, Feminisation, Trampling, Crushing, Objectification, Discipline, Domination, Bondage, Strapon/Dildo/Butt Plugs, Uniform Fetish, Boot, Shoe and Heel and Leg worship, Leather Fantasy Roleplay and much more besides.
Clearly due to the distance involved, sessions will require to be booked in advance and as with all bookings, a deposit paid online to confirm, at which time your appointment is assured.
Be aware that the services offered by Mistress Wolf are purely BDSM, Domination, Fetish and Roleplay and that Mistress Wolf does not offer any form of sexual service, so do not embarrass yourself by asking.














I am thoroughly excited to be working with this gorgeous Dominatrix and I’m sure the sessions will be delicious and devilish … BOOK NOW!

For all the latest news and gossip follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

To book your session email


Stay kinky my cherubs and see you very soon!

Mistress Kendra x





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Hello my little pets,

I just had to share this fabulous artwork – crafted by my ever present bestie Miss Sarah Bright – I absolutely adore these pics … perhaps I’ll hang them in my new playroom …. Shush … it’s nearly ready to unveil so watch this space!

Last week I had a rather fabulous session with a genuine novice – his 1st ever session – he was terribly brave and we had a lot of fun – it was so lovely to get a sparkling review a couple of days later (when he’d come back to earth).

Thanks for the review, which you can read below and you are welcome back anytime!

Check out the new artwork in my Gallery pages




If you are thinking of booking simply email your session ideas to



To find out more about me and my sarcastic sense of humour follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

Have fun my kinky lot and see you soon

Mistress Kendra x





Like many men, my first visit to a Dominatrix was something I was eagerly anticipating but something that I was very nervous about. I didn’t need to worry, Mistress Kendra made me feel at ease and confessing my desires seemed completely natural.

As soon as I was settled, it was time to strip and Mistress Kendra now made it clear exactly who was in charge – Her. 

She was not impressed that my nipples were not particularly sensitive and promised to bring them alive. A couple of minutes of her nipple clamps and a few moments of pain woke them up and now a week later my sensitive nipples remind me of Mistress.

Mistress Kendra only had a few rules, one of which was to keep control of my ‘useless piece of meat’
a rule that I failed to follow throughout the hour and as a consequence felt the sting of Mistress
Kendra’s paddle. The threat of eating the pre-cum that was dripping out only made it harder to
control myself.

People often don’t know what they want and I didn’t know I wanted electrics until my cock had been shocked; it was a truly unique and delightful feeling.

This is just a snippet of my time with Mistress Kendra but where would be the fun in revealing all?

Go to visit her. Submit to her. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.





POSTED ON April 21st  - POSTED IN Reviews

Hello my little pets,

Have you missed me? … Of course you have … It’s been a busy few weeks here at the Bradford Chambers but I’ve finally had chance to do a photo shoot with the lovely Sarah Bright and sub No.27 – Check out my galleries!

No.27 had a specific wish for the session – he wanted to experience prostate milking while still confined in a chastity cage – we had tried this on a previous session and it was an epic fail … I was determined this would not happen again … read the review below to see how things turned out (evil grin)

Wanting to book a session? Be brave and email your session interests to

A big thanks to all my wonderful Twitter followers … I’ve just hit 18K … Want all the latest news, pics and gossip? Follow me at @bradfordmistres

Stay kinky my cherubs

Mistress Kendra x
I’d previously had a discussion about prostate milking with Mistress, she informed me that she had some new toys, especially for me, then linked me to a big black fuck off rubber gnome dildo. My eyes were watering just looking at the pictures so it was with some trepidation that I entered Mistress’s lair.

Fortunately Mistress hadn’t got the gnome but an electro prostate massager. What I was looking to experience was prostate milking while wearing my cock cage & this looked very interesting.

Anyway Mistress proceeded to hood me & tie me to the cross, some nipple torture followed before I was strapped to the fucking bench face down & the electro massager applied. This being a new toy it took Mistress a little time to fathom out how best to use it but after a while there was a few strings of pre cum leaking out of my cage.

At this point Mistress untied me & we had a sword fight, my cock cage against her stainless steel electro strap on. Needless to say I lost. I was retied to the bench, had a quick sniff of poppers then Mistress started really fucking me with her whole electric 9 inches.


Now you know when you get to that point 15 seconds out where you think I’m going to cum if you don’t stop, then at 10 seconds if you really don’t stop now I’m going to cum then at 7 seconds if you really, really don’t stop I’m going to cum then at 5 seconds you’re going to cum what ever happens? There was none of that. I had what I can only describe as a monopoly moment, go directly to cum, do not pass go, do not collect £200. While the awesome sensations were washing over me I could only mumble,
“Mistress I think I’ve cum” to which Mistress replied, ” I think you have you dirty bitch.”

Mistress untied me again & I was having a bit of a clean up while still very dazed. I wondered what had happened. I removed my cage & had a wipe down & assumed the session was ending. However Mistress had other ideas, I was tied to the bench again but this time on my back. Another quick sniff then Mistress was fucking me & wanking me at the same time. I didn’t last long. Just as I started cumming again Mistress ripped off my mask. “What the fuck is she doing?” I wondered just as latex covered cum coated fingers were rammed into my mouth. “Ahh” I realised I had asked Mistress to do this and of course she would remember!

Finally the session ended with me still wondering WTF had happened. I don’t know if it was due to the prostate massager or the electric strapon but WoW. It wasn’t perhaps what I had gone into the session looking for but all I can say is it was Magnificent.

Thank you Mistress.



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