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Hello my little pets,

Have you missed me? … Of course you have … It’s been a busy few weeks here at the Bradford Chambers but I’ve finally had chance to do a photo shoot with the lovely Sarah Bright and sub No.27 – Check out my galleries!

No.27 had a specific wish for the session – he wanted to experience prostate milking while still confined in a chastity cage – we had tried this on a previous session and it was an epic fail … I was determined this would not happen again … read the review below to see how things turned out (evil grin)

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Stay kinky my cherubs

Mistress Kendra x
I’d previously had a discussion about prostate milking with Mistress, she informed me that she had some new toys, especially for me, then linked me to a big black fuck off rubber gnome dildo. My eyes were watering just looking at the pictures so it was with some trepidation that I entered Mistress’s lair.

Fortunately Mistress hadn’t got the gnome but an electro prostate massager. What I was looking to experience was prostate milking while wearing my cock cage & this looked very interesting.

Anyway Mistress proceeded to hood me & tie me to the cross, some nipple torture followed before I was strapped to the fucking bench face down & the electro massager applied. This being a new toy it took Mistress a little time to fathom out how best to use it but after a while there was a few strings of pre cum leaking out of my cage.

At this point Mistress untied me & we had a sword fight, my cock cage against her stainless steel electro strap on. Needless to say I lost. I was retied to the bench, had a quick sniff of poppers then Mistress started really fucking me with her whole electric 9 inches.


Now you know when you get to that point 15 seconds out where you think I’m going to cum if you don’t stop, then at 10 seconds if you really don’t stop now I’m going to cum then at 7 seconds if you really, really don’t stop I’m going to cum then at 5 seconds you’re going to cum what ever happens? There was none of that. I had what I can only describe as a monopoly moment, go directly to cum, do not pass go, do not collect £200. While the awesome sensations were washing over me I could only mumble,
“Mistress I think I’ve cum” to which Mistress replied, ” I think you have you dirty bitch.”

Mistress untied me again & I was having a bit of a clean up while still very dazed. I wondered what had happened. I removed my cage & had a wipe down & assumed the session was ending. However Mistress had other ideas, I was tied to the bench again but this time on my back. Another quick sniff then Mistress was fucking me & wanking me at the same time. I didn’t last long. Just as I started cumming again Mistress ripped off my mask. “What the fuck is she doing?” I wondered just as latex covered cum coated fingers were rammed into my mouth. “Ahh” I realised I had asked Mistress to do this and of course she would remember!

Finally the session ended with me still wondering WTF had happened. I don’t know if it was due to the prostate massager or the electric strapon but WoW. It wasn’t perhaps what I had gone into the session looking for but all I can say is it was Magnificent.

Thank you Mistress.




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Hello my little pets,

As you know I love playing with my rubberdollies – Sadly, I’m missing my No.1 rubberdoll slut Dirty Delores as she is currently on holiday halfway around the world … lucky girl … 

She is keeping me informed via Twitter of all her shenanigans … for which she will be richly punished upon her return! 

I found a review from many years ago which I had forgotten to post – so I thought I would share it with you all and remind Dirty Delores just what she is missing!

Safe journey my sweetie, I’m thinking of you and can’t wait for my present … it better be good or else (evil grin) …

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Stay kinky my cherubs,

Mistress Kendra x

Dirty Delores’ Journey (so far)

I have visited Mistress Kendra a number of times over the years, firstly at her old dungeon and now at her new chambers in Bradford.
It just started as fun for me, a way to de-stress if you like, it certainly takes your head to a different place when your’re dressed in sexy attire, strapped down, maybe gagged and feeling cold lube being poured onto your arse and thinking maybe this wasn’t my best idea. But it was strangely addictive and found myself wanting more.

Mistress Kendra decided she owned me So I thought I may as well go for it and got myself a rubberdoll suit with huge boobs, sexy boots and a nice red corset and hood, Dirty Delores was born.

The first try on was fun with Mistress on her knees a lot making sure everything fit properly, seams straight, boots tightly laced etc, she wanted her rubberdoll slut looking good before the rodgering began, thought I’d better not mention she was on her knees a lot just in case the huge strapon came out!

Mistress Kendra is easy to get on with, but I would not care to get the wrong side of her (too many tools to make you realise who is Boss), addictive and a Mistress who cares about her sluts/slaves.

My journey ends with Mistress Kendra there is no point in looking elsewhere, I am now owned, I am her rubberdoll, slut, bitch for her to use and I am very happy she is my MISTRESS

Dirty Delores



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Hello my little pets,

Firstly, big thanks to all my lovely subbies for the wonderful Valentines gifts … Flowers, Chocolates, Perfume, a new Latex Corset and … a Huge Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug … What more could a girl want!

As a special treat I’ve just uploaded some new photo’s to my galleries – Check them out – I know you always enjoy the perv!

Below is a new review from my lovely Welsh boy – he’s an experienced sub who is extremely cheeky and always fun to session with …. in fact I’ll be seeing him tomorrow … lucky boy!

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Stay kinky my cherubs,

Mistress Kendra

” Well….. I went to see Mistress last week, the door opened with the usual pleasantries and greetings, then I got THAT LOOK, the look that Mistress gives when you have incurred her displeasure, “where’s the review you promised she asked”, yes I had forgotten and knew straight away that I would be in trouble. Well I tried to explain and make excuses but then THAT LOOK
We went into Mistress’ Chambers and had our usual chat and a cup of coffee, I thought that all was well and that she had forgiven me for my mistake, Mistress then left the room and told me to get myself ready for our session.

When she returned again I got THAT LOOK, stand over here she commanded, and put your hands behind your back, well by now I had a hard on and again that was frowned upon as she had not given me permission to well you know..
Mistress proceeded to fit leg spreaders to my ankles and roped my arms up so that I was standing spread eagle and totally unable to defend myself. She announced that I would be flogged for not doing my review and generally being disobedient, I tried to protest but again I got THAT LOOK, so I decided to shut up.

Mistress started with a light flogger on my back , legs and bum, and when asked how it felt I said ‘ok’ , so of course Mistress got out a larger whip and started again on my back and legs, and concentrated on my bum this time it was stinging and I was wriggling around, “That seems to have got your attention she said” and again I got THAT LOOK
Being the nice kind Mistress that she is she let me out of the leg spreaders and ropes , Kneel she said and kiss my feet and legs, oh those legs, from the feet right up to ….well you know, and back down again, guess I did a good job as I was not punished nor did I get THAT LOOK

All through this I had the biggest erection that I had ever had, so Mistress decided that the only way to get it to go down was to give me a good beating, over the whipping bench tied firmly so that I was going nowhere, she announced 20 with her paddle, no effect, my hard on was standing firm, Mistress then told me that she was going ‘Old School’ which was the tawse,  and my god that hurt but I would not cry out, my poor bottom was stinging and dancing around by now, lastly Mistress brought out another bigger tawse and started to spank my bottom again this time I did cry out OUCH OwOwOw , my bottom was now on fire and stinging badly this seemed to please Mistress as she stood back and looked at her handy work, at last a SMILE .

Next I was told to get onto her examination couch, and guessed what was coming next as she inserted her electric probe into my bum, being inquisitive and looking around Mistress gave me THAT LOOK then hooded me so that I could not see what was going on , the sensations running through my hot stinging bum and the rest of my body were fantastic, eventually Mistress did get that hard on to go down!

The whole session was fantastic but to anyone who goes to see Mistress beware of THAT LOOK.



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Hello my little pets,

A big thank you to all my wonderful subs, sissies and t-girls for the fantastic Christmas cards and gifts – I now have some fantastic new rubber and exciting toys to try out …. who wants to be first in the queue? 



Despite being busy I still found time to have some fabulous festive fun with my gorgeous T-girls, Miss Debbie Bond, Claire CJ Jones and of course, my bestie Miss Sarah Bright was there to take photo’s of the frolics too …. she really does get everywhere that girl lol.

You can view all the new pics by visiting my Gallery pages – Enjoy the perv!

It’s been an interesting year for me – I’ve met some amazing new people, had some mind blowing sessions and definitely laughed … a lot! 


I’d like to wish all my friends, followers, subs, sissies, T-girls and general kinky weirdo’s a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year and I hope to have you on the end of my strap-on very soon!

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I have some very kinky plans for 2017 so watch this space … on your knees … in a pretty dress and with a buttplug up your bottom lol

Stay kinky my cherubs

Mistress Kendra x




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Hello my little pets,

As I’m such a kind and benevolent Mistress (who’s also delightfully sadistic) I’ve created a new gallery packed with rubbery photo’s for you to perv over!  Yes, I know I’m fabulous and you really don’t deserve me!

I also seem to have acquired a small collection of rubberdolls …

1-mucky-madge-7 Dirty Delores …adsc08020




Mucky Madge …




And Rosie Fuckslut … 


They look so cute but once dressed they become incredible rubber sluts – dirty bitches just begging for my strap-on!

Dirty Delores was my original dolly – she’s now fiercely jealous of the other girls and is doing everything possible to keep her No.1 status – it amuses me how determined she is to “out-slut” them … I really must get them all together one day for a complete rubber fuckfest… what do you think my darlings? I’m sure Miss Sarah Bright would love to film it … 



img_8223I’m very pleased to welcome these delicious creatures into my world and I’ve had some fantastic sessions with you all MK xxx


To view the new Rubber Gallery click here

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Stay kinky my cherubs and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Mistress Kendra





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Hello my little pets,

I’m delighted to announce the arrival of The Box of Doom to my chambers – lovingly crafted by the kinky constructionist herself … Miss Sarah Bright.

As many of you know I love sensory deprivation sessions – having you restrained, hooded, blindfolded, ear-plugged, gagged and butt-plugged – leaves you completely at my mercy and you have no idea what’s coming next …. or when!


So after many months (or was it years) of discussion – I finally got Sarah to build a sensory deprivation box – she was under strict instructions regarding design – which she completely fulfilled but added her own ingenious, kinky twists.


The Box has a padded interior (for your comfort during long confinement periods) – leather restraint straps and cuffs (so you can’t escape) – 3 strategically placed hatches open at the front (all the better to torture you through) – a rather devious breathing tube (which I can block from the outside) and of course the customary LED lights she just loves to adorn her creations with.


This Box is fantastic and we had so much fun in the quality control checks – thanks to Dirty Delores and the lovely Maid Lottie for being our test subjects and a huge thank you to my bestie Sarah for creating such a fabulous piece of equipment – even if it did take 3 sissies and a very tall tranny to get it into my playroom! 

To book your session in The Box Of Dooooooooom simply email your session ideas to

Check out my gallery pages for lots of new photo’s – I do spoil you!

For all the latest news and gossip follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

That’s all for now my cherubs – stay kinky and see you soon.

Mistress Kendra





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Hello my little pets,

Firstly I’d like to thank all my subs, sissies, sluts, slaves, tv’s, maids, followers and friends for all my wonderful birthday gifts – I had a fantastic birthday and a fabulous 2 day T-girl slutfest with my gorgeous girls Angie Hill and Dirty Delores …. a delightfully debauched time was had and there will be pics to follow … watch this space!

MAG DSC07388

MAG DSC07457

Now for some very exciting news … I was recently lucky enough to be interviewed for a UK sissy magazine talking about my love of sissy girls and how I adore training the little sweeties, disciplining them over Auntie’s knee and making them play very naughty games for my amusement!


You can read all about it in the latest edition of “X-Dresser Sissies” from the lovely people at XD Publications – I have a 6 page interview, a photo set of my pretty little sissygirl Sam taken by the chief sissy herself Miss Sarah Bright … and my legs even made the cover!


To see the photo shoot visit my new Sissy Gallery here

You can buy the magazine in adult stores or direct from

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Stay kinky my cherubs,

Mistress Kendra

MAG DSC07491



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Hello my little pets,

Well it’s been a busy few weeks for Mistress – I’ve had a little holiday in the sun and then attended a very special party for my gorgeous girl Miss Sarah Bright’s 40th birthday! A fabulous time was had by all and it was fantastic to meet many of my Twitter friends in real life – I remember most of it … well not much … thanks to Dirty Delores and her lethal Russian Vodka!

Speaking of birthday’s you have two weeks until mine – just enough time to order a special gift for your Mistress and get it delivered – many of you have already started which pleases me immensely – for the rest of you …. do not let me down bitches … You know I deserve it!

To help you choose the perfect present I have an Amazon Wishlist – visit the page here WISHLIST 

There is a rumour that Miss Sarah is building a sensory deprivation bondage box for my Birthday – although I won’t be holding my breath … just restricting her’s if it doesn’t appear … you have been warned my girlie!

My diary is filling up quickly so if you want a session over the next few weeks Book Now – Email your session ideas to

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Happy shopping my kinksters .

Mistress Kendra


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Hello my little pets,

I had a fabulous photo shoot recently with my gorgeous girl Miss Sarah Bright and my rubber doll slut Dirty Delores – why I decided to have a rubber shoot on the hottest day of the year is beyond me – but we did it anyway and Sarah got some amazing pics for you to perv over!

I’d also like to thanks my loyal Twitter peeps for helping me to reach my goal of 10K followers – I’ve met some wonderful people and had some mind blowing sessions – be the first to get gossip, news and the hottest pics – follow me @bradfordmistres 

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Enjoy the pics my cherubs

Mistress Kendra


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Hello my little pets,

We all expect our BDSM sessions to be fantastic experiences – you’ve done your research, found the right Dominatrix for you, had positive communication and are raring to go … however things don’t always go to plan!

Below is a review from an experienced sub who was visiting me for the first time – we had chatted on twitter and met for a drink to discuss the session – he wanted to experience a full prostate milking whilst in a chastity cage – now I’m no stranger to the prostate gland and I have made subs come without touching their cock … but still in a cage was a new one to me.

I did my research and was pretty confident I could achieve this goal – massive fail – I could not get it to work, I tried everything in my power and still failed – to say I was miffed was an understatement but we carried on and ended up having a fabulous session (with a few extra laughs on the way)

I’m pleased to announce that since this review – I have bloody well done it – I will not be defeated!!

To book a session email

For the latest news follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

Stay kinky my cherubs

Mistress Kendra

Review by LockedupGuy

Recently I arranged a visit with Mistress for her to perform a ‘procedure’ on me. I won’t say anything about this now, as it wasn’t entirely successful due to neither of us having experience in the subject, but a further go will happen soon. Mistress was miffed afterwards which was quite funny to see but I had learned by this point not to let on I thought it was funny!

This was my first time visiting Mistress & despite not having a successful result it was still awesome. Mistress has a wicked sense of humour which went well with mine. However, the thing that really stands out about Mistress is not her manner or physical looks, even though both are great, but it’s the way she smiles with her eyes when you are squirming or yelping.

Let me explain. Mistress strapped me down to the bench & said she had some new tools that she would like to try, namely an electrical pin wheel. She proceeded to fasten a conductive rubber loop around my cock & balls while the other end of the circuit was connected from her box of tricks to the pin wheel.
Now I forgot to mention to Mistress that in the past I have had quite a lot of current through my cock so I was reasonably confident of putting up a good show.
All was going well until I got an unexpected jolt to the ass, it seems the rubber loop had come undone & was randomly making the circuit through my behind! I laughed when Mistress tried to re-attach it & got a small shock of her own, laughed but only for a second before my nipples were being squeezed, Oww. Did I say I have sensitive nipples? It took Mistress all of 2 minutes to work this out; damn you nipples letting me down again.

electric sounds

After the pin wheel Mistress enquired if I would like the electric sound, I said yes please but don’t really think I had a choice. Mistress started sliding it in & out while turning up the power & soon hit the sweet spot, at a certain point not all in or out I would squirm all over the place, this make her really happy & her eyes were shining bright with each squirm. It’s one of those things you have to experience yourself. Go on book now lol.

While I was recovering from all the squirming & there was a lot let me tell you Mistress told me that she was going to fuck me. Gulp! She selected a strap on, restrained me on her fucking bench & went to work. Before I knew what was happening I was coming, from my position I wasn’t able to judge the amount of ejaculate, suffice it to say Mistress seemed very pleased with her self but couldn’t work out how she got cum on her arm when my cock was pointing in the other direction, I think ricochet lol.

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