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Hello my little pets,

Today’s news page is devoted to my love of Strap-on Training – as my loyal subs know this is my favourite activity in session – many anal virgin’s have entered my playroom … so far none have left without a delicious pegging! It has come to my attention, however, that some of you novices out there are rather terrified by my huge anal collection – poor little sissies – so I wanted to answer some of your frequently asked question and show you my “Trainer” collection.

Before I attempt any pegging session I like to tie you down on my strap-on bench – Face down bottom up and restrained so you can’t get away!

I make sure you are thoroughly warmed up and gently stretched – this of course involves a “finger fucking” from Mistress with lots of lube to get you nice and wet for me. By doing this anal exploration I can gauge what size is best to start you at – better to start small and get bigger later when you are begging for it! My smallest cock is only slightly larger than my finger … even my sissy girls can take it without crying!


Butt plugs are a great way of stretching your sluthole – this is also something you can do at home – train yourself under my direction to increase the width – I love it when my subs are at work and still wearing a plug for their Mistress – some of you will be asked to send photo’s as proof for my amusement!

After a full warm up I then move onto anal toys which produce different sensations for your now quivering bottom – prostate massager’s can be a unique experience for the anal virgins who don’t expect such pleasure through their backdoor. I have a fantastic curved vibrator which hits the spot perfectly and goes from 0-60 in 3 seconds – your mind will be blown!

For the brave among you I love to use my little electric butt plugs – I know electrics are scary for some of you but these are very small and it does depend on how I use them – the different levels and patterns make your bottom really pulsate – you can get the feeling of being gently fucked or spikes of almost unendurable pleasure/pain – don’t be scared just trust me …. I will make you squirm in ecstasy!


I’m a big fan of sensation play so I like to get creative with glass ridged dildo’s which can be heated, solid steel cocks with no forgiveness, throbbing electric strap-on’s or ice dildo’s to cool your ardour down.

Once I’m satisfied with your warm up I’ll select the correct size for you – make you worship my beautiful tool and then the pegging can begin … a slow and sensual start, gently building your confidence and letting you get used to these new feelings. Many subs at this point start begging for more – “bigger, harder, faster please Mistress” – I will take my sweet time and I’ll love listening to the begging for a while before producing another larger strapon ready to go…. then another ….. then another until I am fully satisfied and you are left a frenzied, quivering wreck!


If you are very lucky I’ll spin you over onto your back, legs hoisted in the air and peg you while applying my vibrating milking machine to your now tumescent cock … this is a pleasure/pain experience you will never forget and your arse will be mine forever!

It really isn’t about size … it’s how your Mistress uses you!

For more information on my Superior Strap-on Sessions email –

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I look forward to having you on the end of my strap-on very soon!

Stay kinky my cherubs

Mistress Kendra1

new strapon






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Hello my little pets,

My chambers now have the addition of a sexy new St Andrews Cross – lovingly crafted my gorgeous sissy maid Miss Sarah Bright – she promised to build this 2 years ago and has only just completed the task – the punishment will fit the crime young Sarah … my hand is twitching already!

Although it took her a very long time the results are absolutely fantastic – I’m sure you will agree – the addition of colour-changing LED’s really make this cross extra special – I’m secretly pleased but she will still be punished … hard!


DSC06443I had to have a quick photo shoot to welcome the new cross – visit my galleries to view the new photo’s HERE



For all the latest gossip and  first look at my photo’s follow me on twitter @BRADFORDMISTRES

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My next blog will be posted soon so watch this space.

Stay kinky,

Mistress Kendra



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Hello my little pets,

My lovely new rubber doll Dirty Delores had been such a good girl recently, that I decided to give her a special surprise – a Double Strap-on Attack!

I roped in (no pun intended) my bestie Miss Sarah Bright and we hatched an evil plan to ensure my rubber doll had the time of her life.

Miss Sarah arrived early and went straight up to my TV boudoir to transform herself into a rubber Domme for the day – this was a first for her too – I do like to surprise my friends!

Dirty Delores soon arrived and we had our usual coffee and a catch up on all the latest gossip – I told her I had a surprise for her and that I was going to take some photo’s – then it was time to get my dirty girl ready – she was absolutely clueless about what was about to happen to her – I had to smother a few evil laughs!


So we began the transformation – first I slid a little butt plug up her to get her nicely prepared for what was to come – then a full rubber body suit complete with her EE boobs, rubber stockings, suspender belt and a rubber corset laced as tight as possible to give her the hourglass shape I love – I finished her look with some 7 inch red pvc heeled boots and then showed her the latex female mask and wig I wanted her to wear – this was her first time wearing a mask and wig and it was so sweet when she thought this was the surprise, bless her! 

I had a little play with my doll – some light spanking, restraint, fondling and then left her blindfold on her hands and knees awaiting my return – poor Delores …. I hope she is ready for this …. be very careful what desire’s you reveal to me … I will make it happen!

My lovely Sarah was waiting in the boudoir – looking very fierce in a floor length rubber skirt and a high necked purple latex blouse – it was finally time for the big reveal …


We entered my playroom to find a quaking Delores still in position (of course) – I introduced Sarah which induced a little moan from my doll and instructed Delores to kiss Sarah’s feet – a very confused Delores tried to comply but was crawling in the wrong direction – this is when I realised the poor lamb was still blindfolded and had no idea where we were – talk about an ice breaker … we collapsed into laughter and so began a very enjoyable few hours with two of my favourite girls – leg/bottom worship, spanking, electrics, cock-sucking, anal training and a stupendous strap-on spitroast – My Delores was definitely a very dirty girl and she loved every minute of it!

I’d like to thank my girls for a fantastic session – I had such a fun time – and my lovely Sarah got some great photo’s – to view the pics check out my GALLERY page.

To book a session email your interests to MISTRESSKENDRAUK@OUTLOOK.COM

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That’s all for now my pets – exciting times coming up so watch this space!

Mistress Kendra







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Hello my little pets,

A very Happy New Year to you all and here’s to an incredibly kinky 2016!

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for the fabulous gifts I received over Xmas – I was pleasantly surprised by all of them but some of you showed real imagination, which pleased me immensely – although I do think Dirty Delores won the prize by getting me a new car! 

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped me through a very difficult year – it was a challenging time for me and I was overwhelmed with your loyalty and support – this is something I will always cherish… no matter what!

I’m now back in the swing and as a new year treat I’ve uploaded new photo’s to my gallery – courtesy of my good friend Miss Sarah Bright and a rather gorgeous dress from the lovely people at @cathouseclothes

1 (8)


Check out the new gallery pics HERE

Is your New Years resolution to finally visit a Dominatrix? Still scared? Don’t be shy…I only bite a little!



Email your session interests to MISTRESSKENDRAUK@OUTLOOK.COM 

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Let the beatings and buggary commence…..

Mistress Kendra



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Hello my little pets,

Just a quickie to let you know I’ve uploaded a new photo set to the Tranny Gallery – I had a fabulous session recently with my gorgeous T-Girl Angie Hill and in between the giggles we managed to take some pics!

We decided on the blonde, slutty look and although she looked fabulous to start with – after a strapon session in my playroom she had a rather “just f*cked” look which I prefer (evil grin).



Big kisses to Angie for letting me use her photo’s and I will see you very soon sugar! xxx

Another huge thank you goes to a very special someone who sent me a new toy from my wishlist – you know who you are (AKA Jemma) – this was a complete surprise and it definitely made this Mistress smile … a lot!


Thanks Jemma and I’m sure we will have an electrifying spanking – once I work out how to use it!

I’m a very lucky Mistress to have such magnificent subs – do you wish to join my very select sub club?

Email your session interests to MISTRESSKENDRAUK@OUTLOOK.COM

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View the new Tranny Gallery pics HERE

Get my attention with a gift from my WISHLIST

Speak soon my kinky cherubs

Mistress Kendra




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Hello my little pets,

Below is a review from a long standing sub of mine – this gentleman has visited me for a number of years and is always a pleasure to session with.

He started his BDSM journey with very fixed ideas of how a session would work for him – I, of course pushed his boundaries and it’s interesting to see how our sessions have developed and changed.

I adore the bond I build with my subs and I’m pleased when they trust me enough to really explore their limits – this sub certainly did as he submitted to my nettle play session – he was such a brave soul and so totally committed to pleasing me – he did get a special treat…!


For all the latest news follow me on Twitter @BRADFORDMISTRES

Speak soon – stay kinky my cherubs

Mistress Kendra

I have been to see Mistress Kendra six times now over the past year, and this alone perhaps gives a good indication of her quality and enduring appeal.
In the past we have acted out various scenarios, such as the school room, or ‘auntie and nephew’,
they have revolved around my inclination to crossdress in various guises, and a penchant for female underwear.

Most recently however, I have wanted to explore the CFNM ‘clothed female naked male’ situation with no full scenario, and experience the vulnerability when unable to avoid the Mistress’s displeasure. This meant that the sessions did not have to follow a story or dialogue, so everything was rather more spontaneous.

I had sent some suggestions to the Mistress of what might happen in our session, but
the addition of her own ideas added a greater sense of not only excitement but also trepidation.
In this session, I have been caught looking at myself in the mirror whilst wearing nothing except
really nice M&S knickers. The Mistress took great exception to this, perhaps because the bulge in
them revealed my obvious physical pleasure, but also because I had been spending money on
myself, and not on her. That I had brought her a birthday present was conveniently overlooked, but there was no point in arguing since I knew that this would only lead to more trouble.


Mistress Kendra entered the room dressed in a stunning black lacy dress, just low enough to reveal a lot of cleavage, and tantalisingly short. I immediately got into trouble for looking at her, and the
suggestion that it was her fault that my eyes dwelt too long on certain places caused more
So, it was over the knee for a good spanking, and then over the bench for a caning. The Mistress is
very mindful of not leaving marks which might be difficult to explain later in the day, so always
succeeds in inflicting the most pain with the least outward appearance.



For my good behaviour I was then rewarded with foot and leg worship, which was a new experience for me. The temptation to stray beyond stocking-tops was almost too much, but you know the Mistress’ rules, so that is where
you must stop.

Next, my knickers were removed, my bottom was plugged and my hands tied to the ceiling ropes and feet attached to the leg spreader. This gave an immense feeling of vulnerability, with legs splayed and every body part accessible to the Mistress. I had requested a ‘cat’ whip, and this was very pleasurable initially, but not when used with more force. As the Mistress reminded me, you must be careful what you ask for.



Talking of which, the next part of our session involved nettles. I have experimented with these at
home, but never dared to ask anyone else to inflict these on me. However, it was my total trust and confidence in the Mistress that led me to this, and go harvesting in my garden beforehand .
So, it was down on all-fours with legs spread and balls tied for an amazing experience. The Mistress
succeeded in producing that fine balance of exquisite pleasure and pain, with the stings eventually
causing numbness in many parts. If you readers dare, I really recommend this – you are in safe

electric sounds

The Mistress by now was in her element, and our session over-ran considerably as she chose more
things to try on me, watching my reactions and checking my tolerance at every stage – the advantage
of total nakedness! A variety of electrics and other implements came into her hands only too easily including the terrifying electric sounds which turned out to be an incredible experience.

Of course, the session finished with the vibrating milking machine, which provided its usual fantastic climax. After this, the Mistress asked if I felt ‘used and abused’. This was perhaps a very good description, as I was totally overwhelmed.
I am not sure how we follow this, but I am sure we will think of something.



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Hello my little pets,

Just a quickie to say a huge Thank You to my lovely subs who attended the BDSM Bash at A Leeds Chamber – we had a spanking good time …….. some more than others…Miss Sarah Bright and My sweet Kerry!! (I’ll tell you more later)

As a special treat I’ve uploaded some new photo’s to my galleries – There is now a Double Domme gallery with the amazing Mistress Davina…….Enjoy the perv my cherubs!

a (2)


To view the new Mistress Kendra pics click HERE

To drool over the new DOUBLE-DOMME pics click HERE

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I’ll be back soon – stay kinky!

Mistress Kendra



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Hello my little pets,

It’s kinky party time…!!!

Mistress Davina and I are hosting a BDSM Bash – Saturday 17th October – at the amazing Leeds Chambers.

The party starts at 7pm and will will be playing till very late…

Also in attendance will be the gorgeous “Cobra Queen” Mistress KMBA – you do not want to cross this lady – you have been warned!

Food and drinks will be provided and served by our handpicked slutty maids – you know who you are!

For more information check out the news page from Mistress Davina HERE

If you wish to attend email

Follow me on Twitter for all the latest news and gossip @BRADFORDMISTRES

I wonder who will be the first for the suspension spitroast …….. any volunteers?

See you soon my cherubs

Mistress Kendra




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Hello my little pets,

I told you Mistress would be back with a vengeance…

Deliciously Deviant Double Domme Sessions are now available with the stunning, Elite Dominatrix Mistress Davina of

Check out my new Double Domme page HERE

I am so honoured to have this Lady by my side and I look forward to our delightful future adventures … will you be there? … Just how brave are you? …. this really is the “big girls playground” subbies …. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! 

Mistress Davina and I have devised a number of evil plans for the future so watch this space for details or follow us on Twitter for all the latest news…



To book your Double Domme session email your application to

Mistress Davina and I will be hosting a very special BDSM party soon …. details to follow….don’t miss this one my cherubs!

Mistress Kendra 


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Hello my little pets,

It’s good to be back…

You may remember I received a rather fabulous electric strap-on for my Birthday – I have wanted one of these for ages and I must send a huge Thank You to my lovely subJ for the gift x

Of course as he bought it for me – it was only polite that I should road-test it with him first.

Sadly, he had the audacity to turn up with a bad back so severe I almost refused to session with him – However, after a long chat we decided to go ahead and wow I am so glad we did…. it was a glorious session with a truly amazing strap-on and I had one of the best Birthday’s ever!

I promised you a review … so here it is and enjoy…..Jsub certainly did!

To book a session email

For the latest news and general pervery follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

Stay kinky my cherubs  ……. Very Exciting News to come soon so Watch This Space!

Mistress Kendra 

Well, with Mistress’ Birthday approaching, some of you may of heard, she didn’t mention it much! I booked myself in to see her and then got my best thinking cap on. What to buy her?
Do I cheat and just pick an item from her wishlist?

Well, I went off piste, I knew what Mistress wanted and I have to admit that it’s something that I really wanted to play with. So present ordered, and then the teasing of Mistress began. Now Mistress is not the most patient of Goddesses, and teasing her is like pulling the tail of a tiger, almost guaranteed you are gonna get hurt, if you are lucky enough to survive.

How long did this last well it was about 2 weeks, then I think poetic justice stepped in.

I was bored at home and Mistress was goading me into having some fun, so recalling my youth, when i could just suck my own cock I thought i would give it a go. Lets just say the photo nearly made Mistress fall off her chair, but the action put my back out… severely out.
Now I was in trouble, recovering slowly, and a session with Mistress looming, I suffered for 3 weeks and was recovered enough to see Mistress but definitely not 100%.

Now this is where I cannot recommend Mistress’ services any higher, fair enough I had thrown her a massive curve ball, my back was out of bounds and we needed to be careful not to put it into spasm.
Now most Mistress’ would have given up, but I had given Mistress her shiny new pressie and she was really excited to give it a run out, but very conscious of my condition.

Now the session was amazing, with a rubber corset to help my back, (god knows where that came from). I was subjected to a heavily tailored session. At no point during my nipple torture, spanking, and general teasing did Mistress come close to causing any back issues.


Mistress introduced me to her version of traction, and my balls definitely suffered, how they are not around my knees I have no idea, it was a feeling that just kept building. Mistress was kind enough to try and take my mind off the unrelenting pull on my balls (made worse by Mistress kicking the weights – in her gorgeous ballbusting shoes), by playing with my nipples. To say Mistress loves playing with nipples may be an understatement, but I think mine frustrate her by being small and firm. Makes it harder to get the clamps to stay put. I am worried one day Mistress will get so annoyed she just pierces them!! OMFG that would hurt (why on earth have I mentioned it) Mistress has a new idea. (time to run?)


Now my back prevented my normal OTK treatment – so over the bench with a pillow to support, I was in a very comfortable position for my cheeks to get a very thorough warming, I am sure they were glowing.


Now after all of my punishment I was allowed the reward of worshiping some of the most delectable legs I have been lucky enough to get my lips and hands on. Mistress again pandered to my bad back to not be down on the floor, and she sat high up with crossed legs, and i worshiped her leg and then she swapped over.
I was hoping for a full on “Basic Instinct” swap and a glimpse and what I can only dream of ever being worthy to worship. But Mistress is too classy for that and left me wanting.

Time to help Mistress into her birthday present. The Electrastim Rocket – aka the electric lettuce (poor joke yes, but had Twitter confused for weeks).
Sorting the heavy shiny metal electric strap on Mistress was looking amazing, and after a little warm up, Mistress guided it into me.
Being metal and large with a bulbous end it went sort of like this…

Jeepers thats cold,
Its Huge,
(then it was in)
Mistress stopped to let things settle down and then it was a hmmmmmm.


Now as Mistress started upping the level, it was…
No, no, not yet, no, no
Oh hang on,
Yep that’s saying Hello
Oh YES that’s good
Wow it feels like you are fucking me and you’re not moving!
OMFG urgghrg – as I dissolved into complete pleasure.

Now doggy style was amazing and Mistress was playing with depth and what effect it had on me, to be fair I am sure I just had that face of “I am in heaven please don’t stop”. I couldn’t even talk it was that good!

Time to change position and I noticed Mistress’ electric thrusts had already started the milking process, it wasn’t just pre-cum on lilJ he was dripping cum.
On my back, Mistress entered me again and had even more fun, it was an amazing fuck, and Mistress’s Milking Machine finished me off.

Bad back? What bad back? Oh yeah I remembered that trying to put my shoes and socks on!

What Mistress was able to do to me without having any impact on my back and the way that she adapted the session to work around my disability just goes to show how she understands you as a person.

So no matter what book a session, be honest with Mistress she is awesome, and will work with your boundaries, and definitely will surprise you with some new experiences.

I was close to cancelling and I’m so glad I didn’t.

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