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Hello my little pets,

I’d like to thank all my loyal subs, slaves, tv’s and sissies for their patience and kindness during my absence.

Unfortunately, I have been dealing with a close family bereavement and haven’t felt able to session – I am slowly returning to reality and I will be back (with vengeance) very soon.

I thank you all for the strength, support and loyalty you have shown during this very difficult time.

I have hundreds of emails to answer so please bear with me – I will get to you eventually!

I will be returning very soon so watch this space for details or follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

If you wish to make a booking email mistresskendrauk@outlook.com

Best wishes my cherubs and I will see you soon,

Mistress Kendra

Thanks for my Birthday gifts…Electric strap-on anyone?

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Hello my little pets,

I’ve finally recovered from my Birthday celebrations – Thanks to all my lovely subs, slaves, sluts and followers for the fantastic cards and gifts…..all are much appreciated!

My electrics collection has grown (you know how I love my electrics) to include an electric sound, pinwheel, new bands and the most amazing Electrastim Rocket Strap-on – I’ve wanted one of these for ages and all I can say is “Wow” what an experience – Huge thanks to J-sub for the gift and look out for his review coming soon – when he eventually descends from the heavens!!




I’ve had to put up a new shelf to house all my huge dildo’s and butt plugs – thanks to Alex Tranny, No.42, Dirty Delores and Maid Lottie for the gifts – you girls know me so well – watch this space for the Anal Invasion photo’s.





My gorgeous girl Sarah Bright made a wonderful artwork piece from one of her photo’s – my eyes now follow you everywhere in the playroom – it was made with real blood too when she put a Stanley knife through her finger – poor girl!


A special thank you to @MistressDavina1 of @aleedsstudio for the gorgeous MK bag – Thank you Mistress Davina you are a star – now what the hell do I get her?

If you wish to treat me visit my wishlist here

To book a session email mistresskendrauk@outlook.com

For the latest gossip follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

Thanks cherubs,

Mistress Kendra xx


Dominance Magazine……..An Interview with Mistress Kendra

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Hello my little pets,

I was recently invited to complete an interview for a new kinky magazine from the lovely people at @XDPUBLICATIONS


They had seen a fabulous photo of a maid training session and wanted to know all the “behind the scenes” gossip!

The magazine is now out – I even made the front cover – there is a fantastic photo set inside as well as the interview with yours truly.


Huge thanks to @sarahb45 for the great photo’s and my sweet little 16 @kerrywakefield for being a positively terrible maid – back to slut training for you my dear!

To buy your copy click on the banner below



For all the latest gossip follow me on twitter @bradfordmistres

To book your session – email mistresskendrauk@outlook.com

Treat me from my birthday wishlist here – only two weeks to go!

Stay kinky my cherubs

Mistress Kendra



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Hello my little pets,

Many of you are intrigued by my huge strap-on collection and I am always being asked “Does anyone really take those big ones Mistress?” – Well yes they do……usually after an intense and controlled anal training course.

However, I had an enquiry from a new slut who wanted to take my fist and my 2nd largest tool (12 inches in length and 9 inches wide) – I was skeptical as many “want to” but few can actually do it, especially on a first session!

Well my new girl – Vixen Veronica – certainly took it, and my fist – wow! this slut is insatiable and we both enjoyed a thrilling first session – you are welcome back anytime Veronica!





Do you want to enter my anal training programme ? Email mistresskendrauk@outlook.com

For all the latest gossip follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

Spoil me from my Birthday Wishlist (only 4 weeks to go) by clicking here

Have fun my kinky cherubs

Mistress Kendra


Well I finally got in touch with Mistress Kendra. After drooling over her website piccies (especially the one with her new massive black strapon) for months, we finally made contact and arranged our first session together.

Now I am an experienced sissy slut with a big fetish for huge anal, but this was a first session with a new Mistress, I have learnt not to expect an amazing session on the first one.
It can take time for a Mistress to get to know a sub.
However after talking to Mistress Kendra on the phone I was hopeful. She was very easy to talk to, and seemed to genuinely love what she does, especially strapon.

When I arrived, she took time to talk to me in person and to really find out what I wanted. This really helped relax me.

Now, as I said, I am a sissy slut who loves dressing up in hi-heels and sexy underwear, but not usually a wig and full make up. However on this occasion, I decided to try it under Mistresses expert guidance. And I am glad I did.
I really enjoyed Mistress sitting in front of me, smelling gorgeous, magnificent cleavage directly at my eye level.
She took her time to apply the makeup which she decided would be perfect for me. A blonde wig, and suspenders, stockings, slutty thong, very tight red corset and very hi heels finished the look off. Perfect.
I felt a very submissive sissy indeed!

Then it was downstairs for my punishment, which began with an over the knee spanking. Very sexy!
Then I was made to sniff some sissy medicine and put over a bench, lubed up, and the anal stretching began. Well, I ended up taking Mistress Kendra’s whole fist on the very first session. She is that good!

After a thorough fist fucking, I was put on my back, legs up in stirrups, while Mistress strapped on that huge black member. It took a good few seconds to get it in, but when it went in it was heaven. Mistress slowly and expertly fucked me harder and harder, while berating my tiny sissy clit, until I finally exploded with a huge orgasm.
What a first session!

Mistress Kendra is somewhat of an anal expert, fantastic Mistress, very dom in a very sexy way, but also a great person as well. We had a great chat after, which I really enjoyed. I like her a lot.

I most definitely will be back. My sissy arse is twitching at the thought!!

Veronica xx




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Hello my little pets,

I am pleased to announce that “Heavy Rubber” sessions are now available from my chambers.

My interest in all things rubbery is increasing so expect many new additions to this page – I blame Miss Sarah Bright, my No.1 sissy for my new obsession – and thanks to her for the fantastic photo’s.

I now have a fabulous purple latex sleepsack for the encasement enthusiasts – complete with an inflatable hood to send you directly into subspace!

Processed with Moldiv



For the pretty sissy girls who wish to serve I now have a gorgeous rubber maids outfit…..complete with bloomers and a female mask!

Processed with Moldiv




Don’t forget the vacbed is also available.vacbed



If you wish to book a session contact mistresskendrauk@outlook.com

For all the latest gossip follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

I look forward to seeing you very soon – stay kinky my cherubs…

Mistress Kendra


The Training of SubJ – Let’s turn up the pain levels this time…!

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Hello my little pets,

I have another installment of the training of my “not a novice anymore” SubJ – I do think this toy is becoming addicted to my ministrations………Good! (evil grin)

I keep upping the ante and this sub keeps crawling back for more – just as I planned!

Am I really that good?…..Hell Yes!

If you wish to find out for yourself email your session ideas to mistresskendrauk@outlook.com

To keep up with all the latest gossip follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

Don’t be shy……I don’t bite…..much!

Mistress Kendra








The Training of Sub J continues.

It’s been a tough few weeks at work which has meant that I had been neglecting my desires and more importantly neglected my Mistress.

But I had finally worked around life to book in for the next part of my training. What was I install for – no idea, part of my fun is not knowing what Mistress has planned for me.

The few days before – my imagination started to run wild with scenarios that Mistress might be planning, as I know I am in for a complete make over sometime, and there are still huge amounts for me to explore, some which scares the living crap out of me (mainly in the form of a bamboo cane!!).

But with my mind racing during the day, my imagination took over my dreams, I would love to share but those are for Mistress to work through, let them be or act on them….Her choice.

I arrived at Mistress’ excited but still with some nerves, but each time it is easier, even though I have no idea what I am about to experience. I feel less frightened than I did on my first arrival, mainly because I am comfortable trusting Mistress Kendra, handing my life over to her expert hands.


After a coffee and a chat Mistress left to get changed, she returned looking smoking HOT. Mistress announced she was going to push me and see how sub I really am, (heart skipped a few beats, then accelerated into a mild flutter). What was coming, what had I let myself into?


Well at this point Lil’J decided to let everyone know how much he was enjoying hearing Mistress’ voice, and her gorgeous outfit. I do get the feeling that there is going to be one rule that I will always fail, keeping control of Lil’J he does have a mind of his own!!! I’m just worried whether the trouble he gets me in will escalate.

Well, after Mistress secured my balls, she taught me my new default position on all fours, and inserted a tiny butt plug. Now this might not normally be a problem, however I have been playing/training my ass to take a bigger plug, to please My Mistress. But Mistress wants me to keep this plug in place and I haven’t learnt which muscles I need to control, so now I am in trouble.


Next came the collar then the hood, The hood was new, as I have never worn a latex hood before, Mistress attached a lead to me and led me out of the room, I was on all four with a gorgeous view of her pert curvy arse (Heaven – as long as you don’t get caught). Mistress led me upstairs, now my mind was racing as I know the ‘dressing room’ is up there.

Again what a view, Mistress sat on the stairs and admired me climbing, and called me higher and higher, lets just say any closer and I would have been firmly in Mistress’ cleavage. ( a boy can dream)!! Now walking all fours trying to keep a small butt plug in a well lubed stretched hole is difficult. You can guess it wasn’t easy and I had to keep pushing it back in. I am sure I should have been punished but, I think it was entertaining Mistress too much. In the dressing room Mistress applied stocking to my legs, and I got a visual of the wealth of outfits Mistress has to turn you into a girl. Now my mind really started wondering what next, how far was this going to go!

Would J become Jemma?

Not today

I was led back downstairs and the hood removed.

Mistress then restrained my arms and spread my legs, now it was time for a little nipple attention! New clamps, and a determined Mistress Kendra, I believe I pulled a few faces, as the pain levels ratcheted up, I admit I am no pain slave, but I am getting closer to watery eyes.
But more importantly plug still in place god knows how.

A small amount of reward was granted to me as I got the true pleasure of worshiping the legs and bottom of the Gorgeous Mistress Kendra. Now I would be lying to say my mind doesn’t wander at this point, thinking shall I see what I can get away with. But I was also distracted by the Plug that suddenly decided it wanted to exit me.

Next came the warm up for the final act, with me prone across Mistress’ knee, my ass was warmed and turned nicely red.


I knew what was next and what to expect, lets just say Mistress, lived up to her reputation and I was in heaven. Mistress commanded her strap on with prowess, and gave me the best fucking I have ever had. For the first time in ages no pain, just pure pleasure, and so close to coming. Then change of position, and even with my weight laying on the bench it left the floor at one point (that’s a powerful thrust – Mistress). To finish off the milking machine made an appearance.

To say that Mistress had a good work out would be an understatement, a true role reversal, and hellishly HOT!!

So how do I feel now – Empty, wanting Mistress back inside me. In need of a Hug, Omg am I feeling more feminine?
The hood was great – but very warm, something to explore more, and maybe even the VacBed!!

Delighted to have had the privilege of worshiping Mistress’ legs, and to have had my spanking. A little sore round my nipples – but with memories of Mistress’ face as she watched me, as the clamps were pulled on.

What did I hate about the session – only 1 thing, I had to return to vanillaville again 🙂

Thank You very much Mistress Kendra, to opening my mind way beyond the way the internet opened my eyes.

Are you sure I can’t get this on the NHS?

Jemma aka Sub J

Mistress Kendra’s sub & Boy toy




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Hello my little pets,

The countdown to my Birthday has started – you only have 7 weeks to purchase and deliver my presents!

My Birthday is on Yorkshire Day – who knows the correct date?

I now have a Wishlist for those who wish to get my attention, prove their devotion or just make me smile!

Click here to view my Wishlist page and information …

I look forward to receiving your tokens of adoration and if you wish to session with me make sure you book early as the diary is filling up – Email: mistresskendrauk@outlook.com

I have some very exciting news to share with you soon so keep watching this page or for the latest gossip you may follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

I will see you very soon my cherubs

Mistress Kendra 


Sarah Bright gets Plasticised in Clingfilm Heaven….

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Hello my little pets,

It’s finally here ….. the second installment of my kinky sessions with my No.1 sissy Miss Sarah Bright.

Sarah has been wrapped in clingfilm many, many times ……such a naughty girl ….. However, I decided this experience was going to be a little bit different ………. I always like to push your boundaries and tweak those limits up a notch (evil grin).





First came the wrapping…….she didn’t seem to mind how long it was taking and how I was gently smoothing the clingfilm all over her body … reaching all those special intimate places ….. I do like a thorough job! 



She was immobile, helpless and totally vulnerable……….music to my ears!


Then came my first surprise…








To make the bondage complete, I wrapped her to my bench with heavy duty clingfilm……..tight as a drum…….I turned out the light……whispered sweet nothings in her ear……. and left her in the darkness to enjoy the restrictive cocoon.


My plasticised beauty looked very inviting upon my return ……. but just touching wasn’t enough for me…..so it was time for my second surprise!









Out came my vintage hardcore massager…… this was the full body vibrating experience………using the plastic as a resonator I managed to find erogenous zones she didn’t know she had…………shins? Sarah, really? 

I asked Sarah for a quote for this blog……. “A genuinely incredible experience – Tight, restrictive, hot and damp …. all the things I love! – she is such a perverted little sissy!

What are we going to do next time I wonder…..

To hear all the latest news follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

Want to book your session? Email your interests to mistresskendrauk@outlook.com

Stay kinky my cherubs and I will see you soon.

Mistress Kendra




The Training of SubJ continues……..Oh No not the sounds Mistress….Please!!

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Hello my little pets,

Avid readers will know about my training of Sub J – this true novice is rapidly gaining experience under my control and I decided he was ready to experience more invasive treatments…….the dreaded sounds!

I gave him plenty of warning – which made him even more nervous – he really mustn’t believe everything he reads/see’s on the internet!

We had a fabulous session and I’m really enjoying corrupting him – wish it was you?

Email your session interests to mistresskendrauk@outlook.com

Follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

Sub J is due for another visit this week – an extended session this time – I have a few surprises for him so watch this space for the next installment!

Stay kinky my cherubs,

Mistress Kendra





I was being messed around at work and had cancelled with Mistress, but was able to shift my diary to meet her at short notice. Thank you Mistress for making room in your diary for your subbie.

I pondered on how I was going to make Mistress smile, and also set myself some tasks which I wrote down and handed in an envelope to Mistress.

Mistress left to get changed and told me to undress…

I undressed down to my Pants and stood waiting….

Mistress walked in, OMG how hot did she look today !!

Mistress started with a stern look on her face and then noticed my ‘pants’ oh yeah – perhaps they were polkadot knickers with a pink bow.
Mistress checked and I had gone for the full tuck too – oops there goes the stern face and now Mistress is almost speechless – I love making my Mistress smile.

I removed them and my nipples became the subject of Mistresses fun with some new clamps – ouch is not the word – but typical subbie said the wrong thing so some extra time for me. OUCHY OUCH ?!!!!!!

As you may remember I brought my Mistress a pressie on my last visit an Anal Hook.

I got a lesson in tension – CBT vs AnalHook – strapped down to her bench, anal hook in place, balls tied down, nipple clamps attached – the slightest pull on one rope caused my body to shift which then put tension on the other places…all the while Mistress is looking straight into my eyes…I must endure to please her.

Now came the bit I dreaded but knew was coming.

I laid back on the examination bed and out came the …..sounds!!!Medical 4 - Copy

I always thought they were straight!!

Let just say I felt the tip enter me and I relaxed before I knew it I looked up and only the tip was pointing out – painless but a little bizzare. A small desire to pee but not unpleasant- then came a bigger one – easy in and a delightful time as Mistress played with the sound – Whilst I copped a good look at Mistress in her gorgeous outfit !

Eventually it was taken out and the sore feeling dissipated and Mistress was playing with lil’J – I was in heaven ! Foolishly I said it felt wrong ‘I should please Mistress not her me’ – Sorry lil’J my mouth got you slapped.

The session ended with Mistress’ speciality – Strap-on – nuff said !

It was another amazing session and exploration – which kept on giving , as everytime I went for a pee – I was reminded of the sounds – but after about 4 days I was back to normal! And peeing straight lol x

Would I do sounds again – the jury is out – a conversation to be had with Mistress Kendra.

But I did send her a pressie

Hmm what was it, how can it be used

I can’t wait to find out !!!!

Till next time

Have Kinky Dreams

Sub J

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