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Hello my little pets,

Well it’s been a busy few weeks for Mistress – I’ve had a little holiday in the sun and then attended a very special party for my gorgeous girl Miss Sarah Bright’s 40th birthday! A fabulous time was had by all and it was fantastic to meet many of my Twitter friends in real life – I remember most of it … well not much … thanks to Dirty Delores and her lethal Russian Vodka!

Speaking of birthday’s you have two weeks until mine – just enough time to order a special gift for your Mistress and get it delivered – many of you have already started which pleases me immensely – for the rest of you …. do not let me down bitches … You know I deserve it!

To help you choose the perfect present I have an Amazon Wishlist – visit the page here WISHLIST 

There is a rumour that Miss Sarah is building a sensory deprivation bondage box for my Birthday – although I won’t be holding my breath … just restricting her’s if it doesn’t appear … you have been warned my girlie!

My diary is filling up quickly so if you want a session over the next few weeks Book Now – Email your session ideas to

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Happy shopping my kinksters .

Mistress Kendra


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Hello my little pets,

I had a fabulous photo shoot recently with my gorgeous girl Miss Sarah Bright and my rubber doll slut Dirty Delores – why I decided to have a rubber shoot on the hottest day of the year is beyond me – but we did it anyway and Sarah got some amazing pics for you to perv over!

I’d also like to thanks my loyal Twitter peeps for helping me to reach my goal of 10K followers – I’ve met some wonderful people and had some mind blowing sessions – be the first to get gossip, news and the hottest pics – follow me @bradfordmistres 

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Enjoy the pics my cherubs

Mistress Kendra


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Hello my little pets,

We all expect our BDSM sessions to be fantastic experiences – you’ve done your research, found the right Dominatrix for you, had positive communication and are raring to go … however things don’t always go to plan!

Below is a review from an experienced sub who was visiting me for the first time – we had chatted on twitter and met for a drink to discuss the session – he wanted to experience a full prostate milking whilst in a chastity cage – now I’m no stranger to the prostate gland and I have made subs come without touching their cock … but still in a cage was a new one to me.

I did my research and was pretty confident I could achieve this goal – massive fail – I could not get it to work, I tried everything in my power and still failed – to say I was miffed was an understatement but we carried on and ended up having a fabulous session (with a few extra laughs on the way)

I’m pleased to announce that since this review – I have bloody well done it – I will not be defeated!!

To book a session email

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Stay kinky my cherubs

Mistress Kendra

Review by LockedupGuy

Recently I arranged a visit with Mistress for her to perform a ‘procedure’ on me. I won’t say anything about this now, as it wasn’t entirely successful due to neither of us having experience in the subject, but a further go will happen soon. Mistress was miffed afterwards which was quite funny to see but I had learned by this point not to let on I thought it was funny!

This was my first time visiting Mistress & despite not having a successful result it was still awesome. Mistress has a wicked sense of humour which went well with mine. However, the thing that really stands out about Mistress is not her manner or physical looks, even though both are great, but it’s the way she smiles with her eyes when you are squirming or yelping.

Let me explain. Mistress strapped me down to the bench & said she had some new tools that she would like to try, namely an electrical pin wheel. She proceeded to fasten a conductive rubber loop around my cock & balls while the other end of the circuit was connected from her box of tricks to the pin wheel.
Now I forgot to mention to Mistress that in the past I have had quite a lot of current through my cock so I was reasonably confident of putting up a good show.
All was going well until I got an unexpected jolt to the ass, it seems the rubber loop had come undone & was randomly making the circuit through my behind! I laughed when Mistress tried to re-attach it & got a small shock of her own, laughed but only for a second before my nipples were being squeezed, Oww. Did I say I have sensitive nipples? It took Mistress all of 2 minutes to work this out; damn you nipples letting me down again.

electric sounds

After the pin wheel Mistress enquired if I would like the electric sound, I said yes please but don’t really think I had a choice. Mistress started sliding it in & out while turning up the power & soon hit the sweet spot, at a certain point not all in or out I would squirm all over the place, this make her really happy & her eyes were shining bright with each squirm. It’s one of those things you have to experience yourself. Go on book now lol.

While I was recovering from all the squirming & there was a lot let me tell you Mistress told me that she was going to fuck me. Gulp! She selected a strap on, restrained me on her fucking bench & went to work. Before I knew what was happening I was coming, from my position I wasn’t able to judge the amount of ejaculate, suffice it to say Mistress seemed very pleased with her self but couldn’t work out how she got cum on her arm when my cock was pointing in the other direction, I think ricochet lol.


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Hello my little pets,

Today’s news page is devoted to my love of Strap-on Training – as my loyal subs know this is my favourite activity in session – many anal virgin’s have entered my playroom … so far none have left without a delicious pegging! It has come to my attention, however, that some of you novices out there are rather terrified by my huge anal collection – poor little sissies – so I wanted to answer some of your frequently asked question and show you my “Trainer” collection.

Before I attempt any pegging session I like to tie you down on my strap-on bench – Face down bottom up and restrained so you can’t get away!

I make sure you are thoroughly warmed up and gently stretched – this of course involves a “finger fucking” from Mistress with lots of lube to get you nice and wet for me. By doing this anal exploration I can gauge what size is best to start you at – better to start small and get bigger later when you are begging for it! My smallest cock is only slightly larger than my finger … even my sissy girls can take it without crying!


Butt plugs are a great way of stretching your sluthole – this is also something you can do at home – train yourself under my direction to increase the width – I love it when my subs are at work and still wearing a plug for their Mistress – some of you will be asked to send photo’s as proof for my amusement!

After a full warm up I then move onto anal toys which produce different sensations for your now quivering bottom – prostate massager’s can be a unique experience for the anal virgins who don’t expect such pleasure through their backdoor. I have a fantastic curved vibrator which hits the spot perfectly and goes from 0-60 in 3 seconds – your mind will be blown!

For the brave among you I love to use my little electric butt plugs – I know electrics are scary for some of you but these are very small and it does depend on how I use them – the different levels and patterns make your bottom really pulsate – you can get the feeling of being gently fucked or spikes of almost unendurable pleasure/pain – don’t be scared just trust me …. I will make you squirm in ecstasy!


I’m a big fan of sensation play so I like to get creative with glass ridged dildo’s which can be heated, solid steel cocks with no forgiveness, throbbing electric strap-on’s or ice dildo’s to cool your ardour down.

Once I’m satisfied with your warm up I’ll select the correct size for you – make you worship my beautiful tool and then the pegging can begin … a slow and sensual start, gently building your confidence and letting you get used to these new feelings. Many subs at this point start begging for more – “bigger, harder, faster please Mistress” – I will take my sweet time and I’ll love listening to the begging for a while before producing another larger strapon ready to go…. then another ….. then another until I am fully satisfied and you are left a frenzied, quivering wreck!


If you are very lucky I’ll spin you over onto your back, legs hoisted in the air and peg you while applying my vibrating milking machine to your now tumescent cock … this is a pleasure/pain experience you will never forget and your arse will be mine forever!

It really isn’t about size … it’s how your Mistress uses you!

For more information on my Superior Strap-on Sessions email –

For the latest news and gossip follow me on Twitter @bradfordmistres

I look forward to having you on the end of my strap-on very soon!

Stay kinky my cherubs

Mistress Kendra1

new strapon






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Hello my little pets,

My chambers now have the addition of a sexy new St Andrews Cross – lovingly crafted my gorgeous sissy maid Miss Sarah Bright – she promised to build this 2 years ago and has only just completed the task – the punishment will fit the crime young Sarah … my hand is twitching already!

Although it took her a very long time the results are absolutely fantastic – I’m sure you will agree – the addition of colour-changing LED’s really make this cross extra special – I’m secretly pleased but she will still be punished … hard!


DSC06443I had to have a quick photo shoot to welcome the new cross – visit my galleries to view the new photo’s HERE



For all the latest gossip and  first look at my photo’s follow me on twitter @BRADFORDMISTRES

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My next blog will be posted soon so watch this space.

Stay kinky,

Mistress Kendra



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Hello my little pets,

My lovely new rubber doll Dirty Delores had been such a good girl recently, that I decided to give her a special surprise – a Double Strap-on Attack!

I roped in (no pun intended) my bestie Miss Sarah Bright and we hatched an evil plan to ensure my rubber doll had the time of her life.

Miss Sarah arrived early and went straight up to my TV boudoir to transform herself into a rubber Domme for the day – this was a first for her too – I do like to surprise my friends!

Dirty Delores soon arrived and we had our usual coffee and a catch up on all the latest gossip – I told her I had a surprise for her and that I was going to take some photo’s – then it was time to get my dirty girl ready – she was absolutely clueless about what was about to happen to her – I had to smother a few evil laughs!


So we began the transformation – first I slid a little butt plug up her to get her nicely prepared for what was to come – then a full rubber body suit complete with her EE boobs, rubber stockings, suspender belt and a rubber corset laced as tight as possible to give her the hourglass shape I love – I finished her look with some 7 inch red pvc heeled boots and then showed her the latex female mask and wig I wanted her to wear – this was her first time wearing a mask and wig and it was so sweet when she thought this was the surprise, bless her! 

I had a little play with my doll – some light spanking, restraint, fondling and then left her blindfold on her hands and knees awaiting my return – poor Delores …. I hope she is ready for this …. be very careful what desire’s you reveal to me … I will make it happen!

My lovely Sarah was waiting in the boudoir – looking very fierce in a floor length rubber skirt and a high necked purple latex blouse – it was finally time for the big reveal …


We entered my playroom to find a quaking Delores still in position (of course) – I introduced Sarah which induced a little moan from my doll and instructed Delores to kiss Sarah’s feet – a very confused Delores tried to comply but was crawling in the wrong direction – this is when I realised the poor lamb was still blindfolded and had no idea where we were – talk about an ice breaker … we collapsed into laughter and so began a very enjoyable few hours with two of my favourite girls – leg/bottom worship, spanking, electrics, cock-sucking, anal training and a stupendous strap-on spitroast – My Delores was definitely a very dirty girl and she loved every minute of it!

I’d like to thank my girls for a fantastic session – I had such a fun time – and my lovely Sarah got some great photo’s – to view the pics check out my GALLERY page.

To book a session email your interests to MISTRESSKENDRAUK@OUTLOOK.COM

For all the latest gossip, news and photo’s follow me on Twitter @BRADFORDMISTRES

That’s all for now my pets – exciting times coming up so watch this space!

Mistress Kendra






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