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Hello my little pets,

How is everyone? Have you missed me? I’ve been a very busy Mistress but I’ve finally got chance to catch you up on all the latest news from Doom Towers.

Firstly, I’d like to thank all my lovely subs for their fantastic birthday gifts … and the anonymous senders of gifts from my wishlist … one brave soul even bought “Plunging Pete” so that will be a nice new toy for Dirty Delores to try out! Lucky little slut! I had a wonderful birthday, a little too much Tequila (my favourite new tipple) and some strange photo appeared on Twitter of me riding a fairground horse … that must have been photo shopped 🙂 Thanks again everyone you are all superstars (Big Kiss)

Unfortunately, disaster awaited me, in the form of a leaking roof which completely destroyed my boudoir room – Thankfully after a lot of swearing (by me) and tons of help from AlexTranny the roof of dooooooom has been fixed and I now have a beautifully decorated new dressing room just waiting for my sweet sissies or hot T-girls to try out – Line up my girlies!


I’ve had some fantastic sessions over the last few weeks but one in particular is truly memorable … My lovely sub JF has been a regular plaything of mine and we have explored many delicious avenues of BDSM … but surprisingly, he has never experienced “Forced-Fem” and it’s not something we have discussed. I had a totally different session planned in my head but deciding to improvise, I put some stockings on him, as a little teaser – the look on his face was delighted yet confused – I knew I’d got him hooked! (evil grin) It was a rare opportunity for me to introduce an experienced sub to their first feminisation session and he found himself completely immersed in a new submissive playground … Read his review below of a genuine, and unexpected, first time crossdressing experience!

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That’s all for now my lovelies – Stay kinky and watch this space – There is a super special opportunity for a Double-Domme session coming very soon …. Shush it’s a secret 😉

Mistress Kendra x 

Some of the best sessions can be those when you scrap the plan and just go with the flow.

That is what happened on my last visit to Mistress Kendra and it led to my first experience of “forced-fem”. Not that I took much forcing, I admit. In fact I surprised myself (Maybe it was the feel of the stockings?) If Mistress had asked me beforehand whether I wanted to go there, I would almost certainly have declined. But once we started, it seemed just the right thing to do.

The opening breath play was deliciously wicked. The tease and denial, especially while Mistress was smoking (which always turns me on), was mind blowing. My pulse and BP were off the scale! Being able to see but not touch was SO frustrating … damn that straitjacket!
Then a change of gear. Mistress produced her strap-on and treated me as her bitch. So cruel, and of course I didn’t enjoy that at all (hum hum)

Now I’ve worn latex before. I’ve been wickedly teased and tormented and treated as a slut before, sometimes gently, sometimes (like our last session) very vigorously. But never while dressed like that!. There was definitely an extra something in the sensations I felt today. It was new territory, exciting and extremely pleasurable but an experience it will take a little while to get my head round too.
Today was really, really special. Mistress excelled herself and treated me to (well over) an hour of pure pleasure and I enjoyed every last minute.
The session might not have gone where either of us expected it to go but the result was an afternoon that will live long in the memory.

My advice to other slaves. Don’t be afraid to go with the flow, this lovely Lady has a wicked imagination, enjoy it!




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