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Hello my little pets,

It’s that time of the year again my cherubs … Mistress Kendra’a Birthday Wishlist is now live!!!

Mistress has grown even more fabulous over the year and I’m looking forward to all the pampering I will receive from my loyal subs 🙂

You have until the 5th August to impress me with your gifts, gain my attention or show just how devoted you are to your Mistress. There are some very exciting gifts on here – although “Plunging Pete” is still there from last year! … Why has no-one bought this yet? … Is it because you get to try it out? … Cowards! lol

Check out my Birthday Wishlist and make me smile … WISHLIST 

In other news I’ve just uploaded some new pics to my galleries – courtesy of the lovely Sarah Bright and starring Miss HannahMannah … why we chose the hottest day of the year to do rubber enclosure and shrink-wrap is beyond me, but we managed … evil grin! … It was a fantastic night, kinky as fuck and hot as hell … thanks ladies (Big Kiss)

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That’s all for now … stay kinky and watch this space for more exciting news 

Mistress Kendra x

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