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Hello my little pets,

It’s all change here at Doom Towers …. 

I decided to go back to my natural (cough) colour and I how have fantastic, fiery hair to match my feisty, fabulous temperament …  The ginger bitch is back!!



I now have to completely re-shoot all my photo’s and Sarah Bright is working her satin panties off to get new pics… poor little sweetie, it’s a hard life …. Check out my stunning new pics in the Gallery pages …

I’ve also just acquired 2 fabulous SBR heavy rubber macs … as modeled here by Sarah … that bloody girl get’s everywhere!

It seems lots of you have decided to check out my BDSM world and I’ve had quite a few new subs visiting me … most are experienced players but I wanted to say “Well Done” to the novices who have taken the plunge and finally braved their first session … I know how scary that can be … I promised it would be fun … Mistress does not lie! 😉

Below is a review from a first session with an experienced sub – It was a fabulous session and we’ve already had Round 2 … this fantastic gentleman is welcome back anytime … kettles on!

Feeling Brave? Want Mistress to pop your cherry? Why not get started on your BDSM journey? Talk to me!

Email your session interests to 

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Stay kinky my cherubs and I’ll see you very soon – there is a rumour I may be touring down south soon – watch this space for more details …. shush!

Mistress Kendra x


Today was my first visit to Mistress Kendra and it proved to be one of the most enjoyable introductory sessions I have experienced.

We began quietly. A short spell in the “Box of Doom” was followed by some naughty teasing and gentle punishment accompanied by lots of laughter.
Then the tempo was stepped up and I was quickly, bound, gagged, blindfolded, hooded and plugged, I was driven to distraction by this fiendishly wicked Lady.
The session ended with some much appreciated quiet moments to allow me to come down to earth again.
It was a happy but shattered slave who retuned to the vanilla world!

First sessions are never easy but I thought that Mistress judged this one perfectly. I felt comfortable in her presence from the start, very much enjoyed everything we did and was certainly left wanting more.
Mistress didn’t storm and shout but was nonetheless very much in charge, she is someone I feel who will always respect a slave’s limits but will push them too.

I am already looking forward to my next visit which I hope will include an introduction to Mistress’s new plastic sleepsack.



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