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Hello my little pets,

It’s been a busy time here at Doom Towers and to celebrate the arrival of spring I though I’d splash out on some new latex from the lovely people at Cathouse Clothing – check out their website for amazing rubber wear and haute couture latex … they also do gift vouchers for that special Mistress in your life … just saying! 😉

I’m loving my new green cheetah latex – it is absolutely gorgeous and makes me feel fantastic … Mistress was almost purring … so check out my gallery pages for lots of new pics of my cheetah on the prowl …


I’ve just received a wonderful review from an experienced sub who has found himself under my spell … we have had some fantastic sessions together and each one gets better than the last … I adore playing with this lovely man and I hope to have lots more fun in the future! Kisses to you … 

My visit to Madame C’s was another amazing event but I’ll post more on that later when I’ve sorted the pics and video’s … watch this space people … it was kinky as hell … even for me! 🙂


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Enjoy the new pics and review and I’ll be back on the prowl very soon …

Stay kinky my cherubs … oh and a shout out to all my leg worship subs … I’m desperately in need of some new Wolfords … check out my wishlist for details … don’t let me down boys!!

Mistress Kendra x

The photographs Mistress Kendra tweeted recently of her latest acquisition from Cathouse Clothing don’t do it (or Mistress) justice. Mistress was kind enough to wear it when I had the privilege of serving her yesterday and she looked absolutely sensational. When Mistress walks in front of you and you see the effect of movement and changing light, that is when you see the new green cheetah latex at its best. It could have been designed for Mistress Kendra, it suits her colouring (and figure) perfectly. And she clearly enjoys wearing it. It certainly brought out her wicked streak yesterday!

Mistress began by demanding that I be on my knees blindfolded when she entered the room. I was allowed to touch (briefly) but not see for some time. When the blindfold was eventually removed (and with my blood pressure off the scale) I was allowed to look but not touch. That was definitely the hardest of the session’s challenges. It was in some ways a relief when I was tightly bound to a chair.

The torments, including some painful nipple clamps and a wicked new toy which I won’t spoil someone else’s surprise by describing, continued. When Mistress sat on my knee she took my breath away. Literally. A clear plastic bag slipped over my head and gathered around my throat until the plastic started to cling to my face, a moments air and then the bag was back, another breath and it was back again. All the time Mistress was so close and loving, predicament bondage at its best.

The final part of the session took us to the Room of Doom. (Mistress knows just how to send a slave’s mind into overdrive!) I was tied spread-eagled on my back on the bed, tightly gagged, and tormented remorselessly while (cruellest of all) hooded and blindfolded.

The climax involved another of Mistress’s new toys, she described it as “my turbo-charged tickling stick”. It certainly sets the pulse racing but nowhere near as much as being bound to a chair while the green cheetah prowls around!

Slave John

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