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Hello my little pets,

As you all know, my favourite activity is breaking in an anal virgin … there is nothing better than parting your quivering little buttocks, gently lubing your delicate rosebud, fully preparing you with fingers, butt-plugs, prostate massagers, vibrators, dildos and electric probes … any then finally popping that anal cherry with my big strap-on cock … I adore seeing the amazement in your eyes as something you thought would be painful is actually the most delicious experience you’ve ever had …

One lucky sub just had this experience – read his review below – this was his first visit to a Dominatrix¬†and it’s something he will never forget!


Don’t be scared by my huge tools – I have a vast strap-on collection with all shapes and sizes available – just put yourself into my safe hands and have the experience of a lifetime!

To book a session email your interests to

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Stay kinky my cherubs and I’ll see you soon

Mistress Kendra x


Having hidden my desires to visit a professional dominatrix for many years I was understandably in a nervous state as I drove up the M1 for my appointment! I had done my research and chosen Mistress Kendra, but would I be willing and able to go through with it? My heart was pounding as I got out of the car, my knees shaking as I crossed the road, walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

Moments later I was sitting drinking coffee with a beautiful lady who was listening to my deepest desires and joking about how best to deal with me.
I was left to prepare myself and when Mistress returned she took my breath away!
I was collard, tied by the arms from the ceiling and whilst being gently whipped I was reminded to keep control of my worthless piece of meat. I was then treated to an amazing display of nipple torture which I am still fondly thinking about.

Mistress then admired my latex shorts and proceeded to tie me to a bench and then spank me with a crop and a paddle. Absolutley amazing. Mistress then decided that I needed to remove my shorts and then tied me totally naked and feeling increasingly vulnerable to an examination table.
Masked and blindfolded I had no idea what was about to happen next. The electric implement; which I still haven’t seen, was attached and sent a series of pleasurable shocks along my penis. I was pleased that I withstood the pain from the shocks better than the sting of Mistresses crop!

Mistress then returned me to the strapon bench and gently prepared me for the highlight of my visit, my first ever strap-on experience!
The skill in which she penetrated me with her black strap on will live with me forever and was so much more than I had ever dreamed of.
As a newbie, visiting a dominatrix for the first time I was totally amazed at the treatment I received. My senses were drained by the end but I, and my mind, was in a state of total ecstasy. Mistress understood completely the levels required of me to make the session successful and to put me at ease throughout.

I have now fully committed myself to Mistress Kendra and feel incredibly fortunate to have discovered her and I cannot wait to visit her again.

Sub T


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