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Hello my little pets,

Well it’s been a busy Easter here at Doom Towers – Thanks to my lovely subbies for the chocolates and a very special thanks for the chocolate vodka … My two favourite things … you know me so well!

There have been lots of brave subs taking their first journey into the BDSM world – I’m happy to introduce you to my devilish delights … I always enjoy corrupting a novice … evil grin


I had a fantastic session with a new sissymaid Charlotte – I have never seen anyone more scared in my life – this girlie was absolutely terrified and although I’d promised her it would be fun … I don’t think she believed me!


I was so pleased to receive a wonderful review the very next day – it made me smile …

Charlotte wanted a few pics to remember her session (and how cute she looked) so once dressed we had a little photo shoot – Check out my Sissy Gallery for the new pics here 


A big kiss to Charlotte for the lovely review and letting me use her gorgeous pics – Could she be any prettier?

Wish it was you? Email your interests to

Follow me on Twitter for all the latest news, pics and sarcasm @bradfordmistres

Watch this space as I have some very exciting news to announce …

Stay kinky my cherubs and see you soon

Mistress Kendra x

I recently contacted Mistress Kendra with a view to booking a session with her. From the very first emails and initial phone call it was apparent that this was quite a special lady. She put me at ease instantly, her contageous laugh and calming voice melting any nerves away. I knew I had made the right choice to contact her.

So to the day of the session and the nerves were back with avengence…. a long drive not helping matters! I called when I was close and found the address easily, with some simple directions from Mistress Kendra.
A warm welcome awaited after ringing the bell by a beautiful woman with with the most awesome fiery hair!
Once we had chatted over a cuppa about my previous experience and thoughts about the session, she left to change into Mistress mode.

I was then treated to a wonderful 2 hours in the hands of a gorgeous Mistress who truly enjoys what she does.        She made me look sooo cute, dressed me in a pretty satin maids dress and expertly guided me through some of the other interests I had mentioned to her.
Never have I met a Mistress so attentive to their submissive, I think she knows them better than they know themselves!
I have to confess that that I wimped out at one point…maybe two…. and Mistress Kendra knew!…. I think I was let off for looking so sweet and innocent… Hopefully not next time… haha!

I wish I had not been so nervous! There was no need, Mistress Kendra is a pleasure to be around. She will explore your deepest fantasies, but might just exploit them too.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience, I can’t wait to visit again. You’re awesome!

Charlotte xx

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