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Hello my little pets,

Well the festive season is upon us and the gifts have started to arrive … WooHoo! Thanks to all my highly organised subs who have already treated their Mistress … for the rest of you lazy lot … get on with it!!! 😉 WISHLIST 

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Doom Towers and I’ve ended up with a backlog of new pics … Thanks to all my lovely subs, sissies, Tgirls and rubberdolls for being so patient … All pics are now uploaded just in time for some good old fashioned Xmas pervery … forget stuffing the turkey and check out my gorgeous girls being stuffed be me! Check out my GALLERY pages here … you’re welcome!

A little shout out to a few lovely people who’ve helped me create the latest pics … My uber pretty sissy Charlotte … Thanks for my presents sugar (big kiss)

My locked up chastity slave … Thanks for the milking stick 😉

The rubberlicious HannahMannah … latex and Tequila do not mix lol

And last but not least my gorgeous sweet little 16 Tgirl Kerry … My thoughts are with you my sugarplum and thanks for your kind words (Massive Hugs) My lovely Kerry has been with me for quite a few years now and I finally got a review out of her which you can read below … 

I’ve also had a number of novice subs nervously climbing the stairs of Doom Towers … heart pumping, blood pressure rising and knees knocking but they finally had their first session … well done you lot … I told you it would be fun … Mistress does not lie!

To book a session email your interests to

Follow my kinky adventures on Twitter and join my 30K followers for all the latest news, pics, session videos and sarcasm @bradfordmistres

That’s all for now my cherubs – have a wonderful kinky Christmas and I hope to see you very soon 🙂

Mistress Kendra x

It had been a long time since I had last sessioned with Mistress Kendra – far too long in fact – So with trembling fingers I sent her a PM on Twitter and within a short time the date was set – I now had a week to be nervous … Fast forward and I’m outside the House Of Doom, the ever so lovely MK was waiting for me with a big hug oh it was good to be back!

First a good old chin wag over a coffee made by MK’s own fair hands – How have I been? What have I been up to? showing her caring side … the sign of a good Mistress,  not just take your money and go thru the motions but a warm hearted good human being who just happens to have a strong domineering personality and who genuinely enjoys using it.

As MK left the room to freshen up seconds seemed like minutes, minutes like hours as I waited for her return … then I could hear the click click click of her heels and she burst in “Why was the door left open girl?” I don’t know Mistress I replied “A simple question girlie are you that useless?”  I was too afraid to answer so Mistress said “No answer? well let’s fill that stupid mouth then!” as an inflatable gag was thrust into my mouth … and so my first session in a very long time began.

There’s no real point going into all the details as every session is different but I will say I was pleasantly surprised when the panties came into play … Mistress Kendra does seem to have a great skill in reading people – either that or she really can read minds …whenever I try to guess what’s next in store for me I’m always wrong so if you’re looking for a Mistress with an unlimited imagination, years of experience and a totally wicked sense of humour look no further than Mistress Kendra – you’ll not regret it – live for the day and do it today!

Love Kerry xxx




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