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Hello my little pets and seasons beatings to you all,

The Christmas gifts are already arriving – thanks to everyone – so I thought I’d remind you late comers to treat your Mistress this year – My Xmas Wishlist is available here – Happy Shopping! WISHLIST

As a little treat I’ve just added new photo’s to my gallery pages … Enjoy the perv!

Below is a lovely review from my gorgeous rubberdoll slut Dirty Dinah and her first experience in my Room of Doom – she’s been with me quite a few years and has become part of the family – she also has the honour of being my new equipment tester … something she both loves and hates … in unequal measures … especially the crop or nipple clamps … evil grin.

As usual all new photo’s are by the lovely Sarah Bright – kisses to you sugar!

Enjoy the review, have a great Xmas and a very kinky 2018

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Stay kinky my cherubs

Mistress Kendra x









The Room of Doom

I have been visiting Mistress Kendra for a fair few years now, which in itself says alot as I was a bit of a Mistress butterfly before and now don’t feel any need to go elsewhere, over these years we have developed who I am now, which is a rubberdoll bondage slut.

Over the last few months a new playroom has been in the making which has been christened the ROOM OF DOOM. Its a bit dark and purple with mirrors and lit by lots of leds. purple of course.

On arrival for session and after our customary cuppa of yorkshire tea I donned my rubberdoll outfit and morphed into Dirty Dinah the rubberdoll slut and was ordered up to the ROOM OF DOOM for a first visit there.

Immediatly I was told to sit on the Stool of Doom superbly crafted by Sarah Bright. I was quickly shackled with wrist and ankle cuffs, chained to the stool and then a heavy steel collar was shackled around my neck, I wasn’t going anywhere, didn’t really want to with the beautiful Mistress Kendra dressed in stunning purple corset teasing me and my growing manhood, which included a few slaps of her crop to calm me down (she knows I hate that).







I spent a little quiet time in the clear plastic sleepsack, roped to the bed until Mistress Kendra decided to liven me up with not one but two milking machines!







Then onto the bed of doom, ankles and wrists shackled again looking at myself in the overbed mirror, my god I thought I looked great. While staring up I never saw Mistress Kendra donning her favorite black strapon until she climbed on my chest straddling me and started to push it down into my throat making me suck on it and get it wet for her.
I was in heaven, looking at Dinah in the mirror, straddled by the vision of the just gorgeous Mistress Kendra face fucking me.




After the warm up I was repositioned with legs hoisted in the air for what Mistress Kendra does best, perveyor of the perfect strapon fuck, whilst vibro massaging Dinah’s cock, while watching all this happen in the overbed mirror. My whole body was shaking after.

A perfect end to the perfect session by one of the countries top Dommes. Dinah likes the room of doom!. It won’t be long before I’m back for more. I won’t rest until I am Mistress Kendra’s perfect bitch, so I will be visiting for quite a few more years yet I believe.

Dirty Dinah xxx

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